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Three People Dead While Trying to Escape FRONTEX Control

Three people found a horrible death and  four were seriously injured after the car they were in got fire while trying to escape a FRONTEX control.  Greek media report that local police for Illegal Immigration Enforcement and members of the European agency for the security of external EU borders FRONTEX had spotted a …

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Migrants in Public Hospitals? The Bill Goes to Embassies

Greek Health Ministry will demand the expenditure for immigrants’ treatment in the public hospitals from the embassies, news portal Zougla reported. Many immigrants without legal documents find their way to the Polyclinic Hospital at Omonia Square in downtown Athens after being referred there by Non Governmental Organizations. According to latest …

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Selling Umbrellas on a Sunny Day ?!

I was walking at the beach with a friend on Sunday noon. The air was a bit chilly, full with the essences of the sea. The sun was shining with an extraordinary intensity for the season, covering the Saronic Gulf, the sand and the people with a sparkling and happy light.  Young and old have have come …

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Greek Songmaker: Send Migrants to Remote Islands, Declare Athens in State of Emergency

Famous Greek musician Dionysis Savvopoulos dropped a bombshell in the middle of the debatte about of illegal immigrants and the worrying rise of violence and crime in Athens downtown. “Migrants should be transported to sparsely populated islands with low population under UN supervision, where they can cultivate land”, he said and added …

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What do 139 Greek policemen do in Santo Domingo?

A charter flight with 73 illegal immigrants, 139 escorting Greek police officers and 2 doctors are leaving for the picturesque and exotic island of Santo Domingo in the Caribic today. Some time ago 19 men and 54 women crossed seas and oceans and covered a distance of  5605.5 Miles – 9021.3 Kilometers …

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103 Migrants rescued from sinking boat off Lefkada island.

 A drama with 103 illegal migrnats, among them 27 children, was averted  at the last minute as their boat semi-capsized off the island of Lefkada, Greece. A group of 103 illegal migrants and three migrant-runners were rescued from a semi-capsized sailboat south of the island of Lefkada late Monday by …

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