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What do 139 Greek policemen do in Santo Domingo?

A charter flight with 73 illegal immigrants, 139 escorting Greek police officers and 2 doctors are leaving for the picturesque and exotic island of Santo Domingo in the Caribic today. Some time ago 19 men and 54 women crossed seas and oceans and covered a distance of  5605.5 Miles – 9021.3 Kilometers – 4867.9 Nautical Miles just to escape the misery of the Dominican Republic and enter illegally Greece.

They were held by the Attic police for illegal entrance and residence. Now they are expelled and the Greek state is sending 139 police officers with them. Approximate flight duration time from Athens to Santo Domingo is 11 hrs, 38 minutes.

The cost of the trip amounted to EUR 460,000  and will be paid by EU relevant funds.

According to news portal Proto Thema, international regulations require that during expell operations two policemen  have to escort one immigrants. Is this true, I see that only 69.1 immigrants are escorted while 3.9 fly unattended.

Weird? I honestly cannot tell you… But I am glad the deported immigrants were not 1,000…

Mean people claim that the huge deportation operation is a communication trick to downplay the government’s compromise with the migrants on hunger strike, yesterday.


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