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IMF’s Thomsen Booed At LSE (video)

IMF’s Poul Thomsen became the target of protests while he was delivering a speed at the London School of Economics on Wednesday. Poul Thomsen Poul Thomsen, deputy director in the European Department of the International Monetary Fund and and head of the Troika Programme for Greece, was speaking about the (successful?) recipe applied to the debt-ridden country. Greek students started to boo the …talented Mr Thomsen and shout at him. “you are two years in Greece and the debt soared from 110% of GDP up to 160%” a student shouted at him, giving the signal to protesters to start booing him..

 “Greece’s debt has soared” another student shouted when Thomsen concluded his speech.
Outside the hall, students had opened banners against the austerity measures that have been imposed by Greece’s lenders.


Poul Thomsen booed at LSE … από fon1972

Thomsen’s Speech
Poul Thomsen said among others, that “while Greece has made an aggressive fiscal adjustment, it will take at least a decade to fully complete the country’s reforms.

Thomsen said that after the elections, there is “no doubt it will have to reduce its fiscal deficit.” He also said it’s not clear when Greece will be able to return to markets.

“It remains uncertain, with this high level of debt and the risks the program faces because of possible resistance to reforms, when market access will return,” he said. “There’s no room for manoeuver or policy slippage.” (Further reading)

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