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IMF Poul Thomsen: I wanna go home….

Did IMF’s representative for Greece, Poul Thomsen, request to be transferred away from Greece six months ago? Greek  daily Imerisia quoted Vicky Pryce, an economist based in UK, saying: ” I have learned that Poul Thomsen, with whom I was at a panel discussion about Greece in London School of Economics, had requested to be moved to another mission in another country six months ago. However  I do not know when he will go.”

We are surprised to learn Poul Thomsen is still responsible for Greece.

Not that something will thoroughly change if Thomsen goes. But maybe his successor will prove better mathematics skills, in his calculations and predictions that form the austerity programme are more accurate….

BTW: Pryce said also that Greece may need a new debt ‘haircut’ and a new Memorandum of Understanding (this translates into: a new austerity programme)

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