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Greece Gov’ Talks: Venizelos To Skip Mandate, If…

Leader of socialist PASOK, Evangelos Venizelos, intends not to accept the mandate to form a government should his meeting with SYRIZA-leader Alexis Tsipras proves fruitless this evening. Venizelos proposal for the next Greek government targets a broader coalition government consisting of parties that support the euro. Otherwise, he would not accept the mandate and would ask the president to call on the political leaders council to form either an ecumenical government or go for fresh elections.

“We cannot play games and misuse the exploratory talks for election campaign purposes” Venizelos said. PASOK-leader has also proposed to let a left minority government (SYRIZA/DEM.LEFT) emerge with the support of PASOK and a fourth party.

Tsipras and Venizelos are scheduled to hold a meeting at 6 pm on Wednesday.

Tsipras, leader of the second party according to elections results, is expected to exhaust the 3-day period to form a government. If he fails. the president will give the mandate to the third party, that is PASOK.

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