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French FM Tells Greeks What to Vote…

In line with the German intervention attitude, newly appointed French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabious, a Socialist, urged Greeks to cast vote in favor of pro euro zone parties. Does Fabious know exactly which Greek parties are pro EZ and anti-EZ?  

Newly appointed French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius Monday said Greek voters must understand their country can’t stay in the euro zone without making austerity efforts.

“If (the Greek voters) want to stay in the euro, and I think a majority of them want that, they cannot vote for parties that eventually make them exit from the euro zone,” Fabius said in an interview with French radio Europe1.

“What’s at stake is whether Greeks stay in euro or not,” he added. “They cannot at the same time want to stay and not make any effort.” (Dow Jones via 4-traders)

Just wondering….

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    • keeptalkinggreece

      thank you. Unfortunately no time to post ALL EU advises. Can you imagine? Cameron -not EZ- tells Greeks to stay in EZ lol

  1. What’s most infuriating is that these politicians still don’t make a distinction between their politician buddies and the Greek people.
    Their politician buddies still drive around in complementary cars, get their fat salaries and all the perks, and own 50-plus houses and other real-estate at home and abroad. While 4/5th of the Greek people have done nothing but sacrifice everything they had in the last two years.
    And even more infuriating indeed are those, like Cameron and Obama, who are outside the EZ, do not attribute a cent and still are calling for Greece to stay in the Euro, knowing full well that 80% plus of the Greeks do want that but are frustrated in it by the politician buddies of those ‘gentlemen’.
    I have one advise for the non-Greek politicians: please tell your Greek buddies to get their act together now or just get the h*ll out of their sites and hunt all their foreign assets down to the last cent!

    • Good idea, don’t worry about the country sinking right now, let’s take out our own aggravations now instead of 10 years ago. Besides it will be much easier to manage when there is nothing left!

    • keeptalkinggreece

      they could also push for investement ini Greece and creating thousands of jobs. Just athought by a humble Greek blogger to Cameron, Obama & Co

      • No they can’t push for that. That’s the whole crux. With the present bunch of crooks still in charge nobody in their right mind will invest here. And if they do the investments will disappear in the pockets of the same ‘happy few’ as before.

  2. “they could also push for investement ini Greece and creating thousands of jobs. Just athought by a humble Greek blogger to Cameron, Obama & Co”

    That is the whole idea, but not just yet. First they need to create, through austerity, a “hinterland” with a few million people who have nothing left and will then work for peanuts, without any protection of their rights or any prospect of getting a better life. Serf-dom anno 2012. Once the Greek “test-site” produces results, they can then fine-tune the techniques and do the same to Italy, Spain, Protugal, and Ireland and create great massive pool of cheap, voiceless labourers without a future. It’s not for nothing that it’s referred to as “disaster capitalism”

    • keeptalkinggreece

      of course, they will do it that way. And labourers will work for Geuro or Gyros, not peanuts.