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Candidate from Greek Hunters’ Party on ND Elections List

“We have learned with pleasure that Nea Dimocratia put on the elections list in the B’ electorate of Athens, Nikolaos Stathopoulos, president of the D’ Hunters’ Association. We believe that such initiatives will meet the support of Greek hunters, who would in fact cast their voters in favor of ND” said the Chairman of the Greek Hunters’ Party in a statement.

Greek Hunters’ Party (KEK) defends the rights of hunters. So far it has never managed to have any candidate enter the Greek Palriament.

The openings of ND-leader Antonis Samaras to marginal parties like the Hunters’, neo-liberal Democratic Alliance or MPs from far-right LAOS may result into a real weird cabinet should the party win the elections of June 17.  

We may see a far-right MP as Minister of Citizen Protection, a neo-liberal MP as Finance Minister and a Hunter in the Agricultural Ministry that includes the animal protection.

What doesn’t ND do in order to form what it calls a ‘Pro European Political Front” and final target to achieve an absolute majority?

At June 17 elections voters will not need to mark with a cross the names of their favorite candidates on the ballot papers. Candidates will become MPs according to their placement on the ballot lists and the party’s rates.

PS Just wondering what animal lovers who happen to be ND voters would do…

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  1. ND trying to win these elections so desperately has gone over the board a bit accepting persons like Voridis, Georgiadis and Plevris with far right extremist views in their ranks. How willing are the New Democrats to share their party with those who have openly supported fascism in the past? Are we to accept anti-semitism, anti-immigration and xenophobia within democratic parties now? And how well is this going to play in such a hot spot Greece is in within the Balkans??

    This is a very dangerous trend and one that New Democrats have to rethink. Greece has been through a lot of adventures already.

    • keeptalkinggreece

      true. just a info notice: Voridis joined ND before the elections, he was even minister of Papademos gov’

  2. I heard Samaras saying that he would reinstate cuts in pensions.

    Would that contravene the ‘Memorandum’ and the 70 terms of no? Some truth please!!

  3. PS Just wondering what animal lovers who happen to be ND voters would do…

    As much as I do not like hunting for pleasure, I do know a lot of people who love animals dearly and still hunt. OK, to me it is like they are squaring a circle, but they do.
    I have seen people cry when they had to put down their horse. And a couple of days later they ate horse meat. (Which is very tasty by the way)