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IMF Spokesman: “Lagarde Regrets Her Remarks [about Greece] Misunderstood”

The International Monetary Fund says Managing Director Christine Lagarde is expressing regrets for her comments about Greek suffering amid the country’s debt crisis.
Lagarde told Britain’s The Guardian last week she has more sympathy for poor African children  than for Greeks suffering through economic problems and austerity measures. She also suggested that Greeks could make things better if more people paid their taxes.

Tricky or Charming?
IMF spokesman Gerry Rice said Thursday that Lagarde told her board this week that “she regrets that her remarks were misunderstood and caused offense.”
Rice says the IMF has “great respect for Greece and the people and the sacrifices that many are making to overcome the economic crisis.”

Rice’s statement comes after a global outcry against Lagarde’s remarks.

PS When the clearly articulated is misunderstood, then the complicated is clear…

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