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ND Elections Spot “Why, Sir?” Triggers Lots of Ironic Reactions – Compare with Argentina’s Anti-IMF Spot… (videos)

The elections spot of conservative Nea Dimocratia featuring school kids asking their teacher “Why isn’t Greece in the Euro, Sir?” triggered a lot of especially ironic reactions, not only because children were used for political purposes.

And if this wasn’t enough,  some really mean Greeks checked out the internet to find out the ND spot is a ‘copied’ inspiration by an Argentinian anti-International Monetary Fund spot. A spot promoted by President Cristina Kirchner.

While the ND claims on its spot that by not voting Nea Domocratia and Antonis Samaras, Greece would be kicked out of the euro zone and the future of our children would be in danger,  the Argentinian original promises to make children forget what the IMF is all about.

ND Spot

ND spot features a teacher listing on the blackboard the countries that are Euro Zone members: “… Cyprus, Belgium, Ireland, Portugal, Spain… These countries are in the euro…” says the teacher.

“And Greece, sir? Isn’t it?” asks a little girl, one of the pupils.

A few moments of silence, the teacher [who apparently looks as if he has fallen asleep] doesn’t not give an answer.  The silence implies that “the country is no more EZ member.”

“Why? Why, sir?” the insistent little girl asks.

The spot ends with the sentence: “We don’t play with the future of our children”.

Video: ND Why, Sir?

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  Argentina anti-IMF spot

 Here there is no teacher [most probably he was fired due to IMF austerity]. The question “What is the IMF?” is posed to kindergarten children.
“I think it looks like a herd of horses” answers a little girl. “A country where everything is upside down” says a boy. Another one shows a handmade drawing saying “Here, the IMF takes his dog for a walk” , while another claims “The IMF is a satellite that fell on the moon”.
A voice is heard saying” We’ll make your children and your chilrden’s children to have no idea what’s the IMF. What we need is no more loans, bu investments. We know what we need.”
Video: Argentina – IMF (English subtitles)
Twitter Hash Tag #Giati_Kyrie?” – Why, sir?
It is real fun to read the comments posted by Greek Twitter users, literally finishing the little girl’s question , transporting the tragic Greek reality and the real questions of the citizens. Questions that go beyond the “Euro or Drachma” dilemma, the main slogan by ND.
Some of the comments:
-Why, sir, Loverdos [ex health minister] left people without medicines?
– Why, sir, my kid was late to school? – because it had to shoot the ND spot.
-Why, sir, does ND uses minors for political spots?
-Why, sir, innocent people commit suicide, but not those responsible?
-Why, sir, we had no books, heating oil, paper and cleaning materials in school this year?
-Why, sir, while you were against the MoU, you had the blue kids expelled from the party when they said “No”?
-Why, sir, did my dad take a loan to pay for my medicines?
-Why, sir, don’t you answer?
PS Taking into consideration that PASOK and ND governed the country for almost four decades, my question would be “Why, sir, are we broke?”



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