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Greek Interior Ministry: Nothing Can Disturb the Smooth Road to Elections

Stunned Greeks are still shocked after the live outbreak of raw violence on their TV screens this morning, when an extreme-right MP punched a female Communist MP and emptied a glass of water to another from left-wing SYRIZA. While in internet forums and social media some applauded that act of violence, the majority of Greeks including the political world condemned the assault. “The snake’s egg”, the Nazism beast” and similar comments were posted across the internet or were heard on television and radio stations. And some were really concerned that June 17 elections might be not so smooth, after all…

Prompt -for Greek realities – was the reaction of the Interior Ministry with caretaker Minister  Antonis Manitakis to issue a statement assuring that nothing can disturb the June 17 elections.

“Nothing can disturb the smooth road to the elections.” said the ministry in as statement describing the assualt as “unacceptable and unprecedented event”.

The minister’s statement reads:

“The unacceptable and unprecedented assault by the representative of the Golden Dawn has been condemned by all political forces and the Greek people.

Acts of violence, of every kind and description, are treated determinedly by the government  in the context of  democratic legitimacy.

In these critical moments that our country experiences,  we must prove worthy of our democratic and parliamentary tradition and once again show everyone that Greece was and remains the cradle of democracy.

Nothing can disturb the smooth run-up to elections.”

PS cradle of Mau-Mau democracy, I’m afraid….


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  1. KTG, let’s hope you are right, but after seeing this, I think I’ve seen it all. Sure, have a strike, but in Greece you mean the people who control the logistics for the election can strike too? I just can’t believe how much control the unions have. Please don’t tell me that one day the toilet paper people in Greece will strike and we won’t have toilet paper to use. I pray it won’t happen.


    • keeptalkinggreece

      Hm… I think they had threatened to strike on May too. however, not sure about that.
      PS no problem. we will use newspapers as in the old days or tree leaves as in the very old days..

  2. I thought the election logistics was made up of volunteers? Is it just a small amount of municipal employees being paid on election day? Or is it just a small amount of volunteers helping on election day.

  3. Manitakis’ statement doesn’t make any sense. In Greece, everything can happen. And everybody knows that. What’s the point in trying to spread phony optimism when nobody believes you anyway?