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German Journalist, 13 Immigrants Arrested For Illegally Entering Greece

A German journalist was arrested together with a group of immigrants as he illegally crossed the borders in order to report about the influx of immigrants from  Turkey to Greece.

The reporter, 25, was arrested together with 13 immigrants by the authorities in the region of Orestiada, NE Greece, on Thursday morning. The group had entered Greece with a plastic boat crossing the river of Evros. The area is also declared as a ‘defense zone area’.

News portal reports that the German journalist had initially travelled to Istanbul for the purpose of a documentary report about trafficking of illegal immigrants. In Istanbul, he paid 200 euro to a trafficker who transported the group to the Turkish borders with Greece. Arriving at the riverbed, the group embarked on the plastic boat, crossed the river and entered the Greek territory. 

The name of the journalist or the medium he is working for have not being made public.

According to local news portal the immigrants are form Somalia, Bangladesh, Eritrea and Nigeria.

PS I am afraid it is illegal to enter a country outside the legal check points and customs….  Even for the purposes of an exclusive report.

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