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Athens: Jobless Man, 36, Jumps to Death – 3 Suicides in 24 Hours

One more Greek man decided to put an end to a live without perspective. A 36-year-old man jumped to a tragic and immediate death from the balcony of the family home in  Sepolia suburb of Western Athens.

Greek media citing neighbors of the man, report that the former tax driver was without job for the last two years and that he was living with his parents. His father, also a taxi driver was without a job and the family had economic problems having to come along with the small income of the mother.

He committed suicide on Tuesday afternoon, while his parents were away from home.

A pensioner,75,  shot himself with a rifle in the middle of the street on Tuesday moring in Athens, while a 70-year-old farmer killed himself by swallowing pesticide in Crete.

It is the third suicide within the last 24 hours, and the fifth since the beginning of the month…

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  1. Reporting these suicides sensationalises them and makes the victims look like martyrs, thus exacerbating the problem. Suicides can be prevented, and people on the verge of making a wrong decision can be heavily influenced. You are doing a disservice to Greece by reporting them without offering people reading this article information about suicide prevention. Here is a help line I found: 210 – 6515600

    • keeptalkinggreece

      is it sensantionalism to report that people cannot cope with the economic crisis??? As for the helpline phone, yes, we posted it in the past, even thought I doubt that desperate Greeks would seek on internet a post written in English about suicide just to accidentally find a help-line telephone.

      • A very calm and correct answer, KTG. It is not sensationalist to report that in a society with no history of suicidal acts, these are now occurring very frequently. Some people, like greek-repat, just don’t want to accept reality.

        • keeptalkinggreece

          BTW: I wonder why those ngo’s with the help-lines do not do some suicide-prevention spots and promote their phone numbers.

  2. KTG, have to agree with Greek-repat. In Greece, people are what they call reactive instead of proactive. Suicide is never an option for anyone. It is a very selfish act that will no doubt punish the family that has to live with the grief and possibly shame. What happens to the family when a breadwinner with 3 kids commits suicide, do we still tell him bravo for being a hero against the system when he has left behind hungry mouths?

    • keeptalkinggreece

      nobody makes heroes out of suicidees, expect those wanting to see them like that through distorting eye-glasses. It is a social tragedy, for which KTG cannot but show compassion.

  3. You right blog person I agree wit you

  4. The xenos person has good words but I don like profanty, so be kind