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Greek Doctors Refrain from Hand-Written Prescription Due to Fines

 The troubles of the Greek patient have no end. After the pharmacists’ blocking the unified insurance fund EOPPY, it is the turn of doctors to create problems to the insured patients. Athens Medical Association decided to refrain from hand-written prescriptions even if the electronic prescription system is down. With this action doctors protest the fines imposed by the health ministry to handwritten prescriptions.

In an effort to enforce electronic prescription the health ministry imposed a fine of one euro for every handwritten prescription as of July 1st, 2012.

Athens Medical Association opposes this fine claiming that in some rural areas there was no internet access, while sometimes the system breaks down with the effect that doctors must write prescription medicine per hand.

The doctors demand the cancelation of the measure and seek the understanding by the patients.

I don’t know exactly what kind of doctors participate in the protest, because IKA doctors still write prescription per hand as they have no computers. IKA had asked them to buy the computers from their own pockets, an advise that doctors did not follow, of course.

PS Everybody wants the Greek patient to show understanding, while nobody shows understanding for the Greek patient…


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  1. Another amazing experience: an IKA gynaceologist in Chania wrote me a test. Through the new system, he had a brandnew Toshiba laptop but also a brandnew young lady as a secretary doing all the typing and him reading a newspaper…. Wonder if the state pays both?

    • keeptalkinggreece

      !!! nice experience, no?

    • Sigh… Greece is like the UK in the post-war period — full of inefficiencies and job demarcations, obsession with status and pay differentials, and very little attention paid to outcomes.

      In these specific senses, the Germans are right about Greece. But they mischaracterize it as “laziness” and other insults. It is more to do with how Greek society has not kept up with the rest of Europe, in terms of business practices, the role of the State, universities, &C. IN Greece, we are living in a time warp. And the problem is that the Troika has no strategy to address these issues: they just bleat endlessly about neoliberal deregulation and privatisations, and balancing budgets… all of which are at best irrelevant but mostly are actually harmful for the evolution of the Greek economy.

      Talk about the blind leading the blind…

      • I’m surprised to see we agree on something, Xenos. Interesting. Now, what do you propose as a strategy for modernizing Greece? And don’t you agree, too, that it would be vastly preferrable if the reform ideas would come from the Greeks themselves? After all, they know their country much better than the Troika representatives do…

        Btw, just for the record: Even though I regularly criticize the high number of deadbeats in the Greek administration (I suspect they put all their energy into their second job or their own small business), I never voiced the stupid “Bild” tabloid prejudice that Greeks in general are lazy. The problems is the totally messed up and inefficient system, not a lack of hard work.