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Finally! Athens Municipality Installs Drinkers for the Strays in Greek Capital

Asphalt melts. Concrete boils. Sun is violently burning our heads. Greece in general and Athens in particular are in the grip of an unbearable heat wave with temperatures 38-40/41 degrees Celsius in the shadow. Humans turn the air-conditioner or the fan on. But animals cannot. They walk around in their fur and can’t protect themselves. Dehydration and heatstroke can seriously threaten their lives.

So, please! Before you live your office or home, fill a bowl with fresh water and leave it outside, in a shadow place. For the strays.

They will be furrrever grateful for your good deed that costs nothing.

This advice does not concern only stray dogs and cats in Athens, of course. It concerns all the street animals, wildlife and birds wherever they are!

Athens Municipality Installs Water Drinkers for Strays!

Some of you may remember the action in Augsut 201o when animal lovers from all over the world e-mailed and even called the Athens Municipality to put drinkers for the dozens strays of the Greek capital.

The pressure was immense.

Stray dog Aristos was the protagonist in the Water for Athens Strays Action

Two years later, and with a new major in office, Athens Municipality informed the public around end of June 2012 about the installation of more than 20 drinkers for strays living in the Greek capital.

The drinkers are installed in several streets and parks of Athens.

I do not know how often these drinkers are filled, but every time you see an empty bowl, please, fill it up with fresh water and give a helping hand to the strays and the Athens Municipality.

Here you can find the list – in Greek though.

I have no news about similar actions by other municipalities. KTG would be thankful for some positive feed-back on the issue.

We should honour good deeds, shouldn’t we? Yes, we should and together we can 🙂



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  1. I am so happy to hear this! Its not the animals fault when they are abandoned. This action by the Greek community can only enhance its reputation for kindness and humanity and also encourage more tourism to Greece and its islands! Well done Athens!!!!!!!!

  2. 20 is very few for a city the size of Athens, but I’m relieved and pleased that they have done this much, after their atrocious performance in earlier years. I hope they’ll increase significantly the number of drinkers in Athens and that the provision of water ALL year but especially in summer will spread to all towns and cities.

  3. At long last. Now we just have to hope they are maintained. Thank you to who made this happen.

  4. Just read.
    Thank you for posting.
    I’m about to translate the location info at least for spots on touristic tracks, so that I can share them on greece-oriented travel sites I know. As lots of Italians are leaving for Greece in the next few weeks, I hope they can contribute, too.