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Total Confusion with Emergency Property Tax 2012 – Via PPC Bills Again!?

Greek government and the Troika are apparently at odds over the emergency property tax. Samaras’ government wants the tax to be disconnected from the electricity bill and not to punish with power supply cuts those who do not pay it. 

The Troika insists on linking the tax with electricity cuts out of fear that Greek property owners won’t pay a cent to the country’s lenders.

Another point of disagreement is that the government wants the payment – in the average 800-1,500 euro  – to be in five installments, while the Troika wants no more than two.

This is what Greek media have been reporting citing government sources since Friday night.

Deputy Development Minister Notis Mitarakis (ND) insists on more installments and coalition government partner Fotis Kouvelis (Democratic Left) stressed that the electricity shouldn’t be cut to those who do not paid.

On Saturday unconfirmed information claim that the government ordered the tax to be intagrated into the electricty bills that would be paid in five installments. But as said, it is unconfirmed.

So far, almost half a million property owners  have refrained from paying the emergency property tax 2011.

The government has to return 200 million euro to those who have paid it but later managed to be exempted due to social criteria.

At the very end, the government will bow to Troika demands, and claim  ” we did our best.. sorry.”

Keep Tuned with KTG for official updates on this issue.

PS I propose only Nea Dimocratia, PASOK and DEMLEFT voters should pay the property tax 2012, while voters of other parties should be exempted.


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  1. Didn’t the courts rule that cutting electricity supply for not paying the tax was unconstitutional? Or at least illegal? So the Troika are now re-writing the national laws to suit their needs?

    • keeptalkinggreece

      I think the left hand does not know what the right hand does. I personally think the recent emerg proptax regulation leaked by the gov’t to the press was just serving the purpose to convince citizens the gov sticks to its pre-elections promises. nothing more and nothing less.the same is valid for the other ‘easing the social injustice’ measures. they can’t take measures without troika’s approval anyway.

  2. most of the British residents here have paid this but I bet we dont get anything back

    • keeptalkinggreece

      if you’re long time unemployed, low pensioner…
      Of course, you got something back: you have power supply 🙂

  3. The Council of State ruled on this matter earlier in the year, concluding that it is contrary to the Constitution to link property taxes with electricity bills. And, therefore, no electricity account may be cut for failure to pay the property tax.

    This is also an obvious legal position in Germany and France: you may not send bills to people who are not those to whom the tax is addressed. It is like sending a bill to his neighbour, because Herr Schmitt owes you 10,000 euros. Ridiculous and illegal.

    The fact that the Troika is insisting on an illegal policy indicates how corrupt and criminal the people running this charade actually are. They have no respect for fundamental legal or democratic principles. Mark my words, they may be up for trial in a decade or two.

    • keeptalkinggreece

      sometimes, I am not sure it is the Troika and not some gov officials.

      • Yes, I agree. This is very important to know, and Greek journalists should find out!

      • Experience by people I trust in other countries tell me that it is indeed the Greek government and not the Troika. The way, especially the IMF, they are working is that it is the job of the local government to make sure that every measure agreed upon is within the legal boundaries of the country. It is always possible to change laws to comply with the agreements. But that seldom counts for the constitution.
        It is also almost the rule that all kinds of extreme measures are leaked and placed on the plate of the IMF. The only reason is that when the real measures come out the local government looks good in the eye of it’s people. The IMF never had problems with this role of bogeyman, as long as the agreements were fulfilled.
        Bit of a good cop / bad cop play. And I know that only in very extreme cases the IMF reacts on falls statements by governments. Leaked or direct.

    • I really wonder if it is the troika that is insisting on the link to the electrical bill. It is difficult to believe that an EU organization would propose this. I would believe that a Greek politician would though.

      • It has become clear that Samaras wanted the tax bill to be in the same envelope but separate and this idea was rejected by the Troika.

        It is also very clear that the Troika does not respect the rule of law, and is concerned only with collecting money. They are nothing less than criminals acting on behalf of the rich.

  4. KTG said:

    “PS I propose only Nea Dimocratia, PASOK and DEMLEFT voters should pay the property tax 2012, while voters of other parties should be exempted.”

    Maybe voters of other parties should be exempt from receiving any of their civil services that have been covered by bailout money too then? In fact if they are civil servants or pensioners or disabled maybe they should be paid in drachmas?

    Is this your idea of democracy?

    • keeptalkinggreece

      do you really belive that this sapecial tax goes for public services and not for paying the creditors?

      • Greece doesn’t pay the creditors. The Troika does.
        Of course, this doesn’t necessarily lead to any new tax being used for the best interest of the Greek people. It probably will be wasted for feeding the huge bureaucracy monster, as always.

        • Why do you persist with these ujntruths? The Troika pays for nothing: Greece borrows money at high interest from Germany and elsewhere, which the Troika arranges. There are no donations to Greece. This is why the Greek economy is in severe depression, as it cannot afford to pay the policies of Europe. To support German and French banks.

  5. Greece was with primary surplus by the end of last year. The reason that it is no longer able to finance pensions from taxes is partly that elections screwed up the payment of taxes, and mainly that the economy is in complete depression owing to the vicious and suicidal policies of the Troika.

    So we come back to the fact that it is mainly the rich, foolish or elderly who have continued to vote for ND and Pasok who are responsible for the betrayal of the country. There is no democracy in Greece, and fukk all of it left in Europe too. So, what are you talking about?

    • That primary surpplus came at the expense of pensioners, employees and businesses, who had to wait even longer for their moneys, we have learned in that other blog story. Still much too early to congratulate Greece for its solid finances! That’s not the reality yet. Maybe never.

      • I repeat (for the slow of thought): Greece can never repay its bank debts. It is going through the charade because Germany and France insist on it, until everything here is bled dry and Greece is destroyed.

        The matter of a primary surplus is relevant only when Greece fully defaults. This is being prevented by politicians.