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Greece to Molibilze Policemen in order to Combat Crime and Illegal Immigration

Several thousands Greek policemen will be mobilized in order to combat the dramatically increasing of crime and illegal immigration, it was announced by Minister for Citizen Protection Nikos Dendias. On Monday he said, that he has given orders so that 1,500 policemen available for the security of persons and other potential targets to be transferred to new posts in order to boost public security. “100 vehicles and 60 motorcycles will be released for this purpose,” Minister Nikos Dendias said.

Further he announced that 1,800 border guards will be assigned to Evros, Greece’s North-Eastern border with Turkey, in order to combat illegal immigration. the units will be supported by 26 new guard boats.

“We try to ‘seal’ the Evros river, our target is to stop Greece’s from being a place where everyone does whatever he wants [literally unfenced vineyard],” Dendias told reporters on Monday.

The minister expressed his concern to the developments in Syria as they could create a new migration wave to Greece via Turkey.

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  1. The uncontrolled influx of undocumented immigrants in Greece, more than 100,000 annually, positively discriminates and violates the rights of the Greek citizens. It remains to be seen if the new measures will put a dent in the illegal immigration.

  2. Would you care to explain how this so called influx “positively discriminates and violates the rights of the Greek citizens”?

    • ) The Greek citizens are paying for the medical services they receive, the MFs (Migrant Foreigners) don’t. The Greeks are discriminated because they either have to wait or don’t get the medical attention they deserve because understaffed, overwhelmed and overcapacity Greek hospitals are obliged to treat MFs for free.

      2) When unscrupulous Greek employers are offering no health insurance, and paying significant lower wages to MFs than their Greek counterparts, OAED is obliged to pay unemployment benefits to Greek and legal immigrant workers alike. When the tens of thousands MF micro-vendors are selling imitations of brand name products or stolen goods, Greek and legal immigrant store owners could experience reductions in their sales and be forced to close their businesses. Greeks and legal immigrants are discriminated and their right to employment is violated.

      3) Greeks who are afraid of the consequences if they dare to express their opposition to the influx of MFs in their country, have their right to freedom of speech and expression violated.

      4) Greeks who’re beaten, raped, mugged, and robbed by MFs most definitely having their rights violated. Two and half months ago when the 30 year old Thanasis Lazanas was murdered by three Afghans, had his most precious right egregiously violated. That is, THE RIGHT TO LIVE. According to the Greek Ministry of Justice as of Jan 1 2012, 7,887 out of 12,479 inmates were foreigners, representing 63.2% of the total prison population.

      5) When the Greek taxpayers are paying for added border security, more police officers in the streets and the incarceration and legal costs of MF inmates, their rights to have their urgent social and health care needs met, are violated.

      6) The unwillingness and inability of the Hellenic police to serve and protect, coupled with Greece’s strict gun control laws discriminates citizens and legal immigrants alike. Their inability to obtain the firepower needed to confront some of the MF criminals who’re armed with Kalashnikovs and hand guns, violates their right to self-defense.

      A four-pronged strategy implemented by the Greek government will reduce the ongoing discrimination of the Greek citizens and curb the violations of their rights. A) Securing Greece’s land and sea borders, B) Respecting and protecting the universal rights of ALL THE PEOPLE residing in Greece. C) Exhibiting a steadfast determination to get the problem of illegal immigration under control, by appropriating sufficient human and financial resources and D) Enforcing Greece’s immigration laws.

      Some people for a variety of reasons will dispute some or all the views expressed above. They will attempt to disparage the messengers of the truth and facts by showering them with derogatory epithets. Some people for a variety of reasons, will challenge the accuracy and reliability of statistics provided by the Greek Ministries of Interior and Justice, the Hellenic Police, Frontex, Hellstat and Eurostat. Some of them will accuse both Greek government and European agencies for espousing fear mongering tactics, and conspiring to intentionally exaggerate the effects illegal immigration is having on the Greek society. As long as it’s NIMBY(Not In My Back Yard), the skeptics and conspiracy theorists will remain adamant in their beliefs. But, if they or their loved ones, GOD forbid, become victims of crimes then they might realize the magnitude of the problem and change their minds.

      • keeptalkinggreece

        @Nicholas, an option for you would be an appeal to European Court of Human Rights and a complaint saying, the government here discriminates its citizens towards foreigners and ask symboic compensation for suffering damage by the gov policies and failure to combat illegal immigration. As a PS in your case you could also add the gov’s tolerance towards Greek tax- and social benefits/pension- dodgers.
        But as a non-resident of Greece they’d probably reject your case. Another reason for rejecting you case would be that your case violates humane rights. But the whole can set a judicial precedent making a detailed reasoning about human rights, humanity, racism, blind hate, race superiority and …blinkers.

        From what I understand you are an MF in USA too, right?

        • :):):)

        • KTG

          1) The Greek people don’t need to take their government to the ECHR for its failure to protect their rights and for allowing positive discrimination to flourish in their country. They can and will organize neighborhood watches, install surveillance & security systems, and arm themselves with hunting rifles in order to protect their families and communities from MF criminals. Moreover, the Greek people can and will deploy the most powerful weapon in their arsenal against incompetent, unresponsive to their needs and ineffective governments. Namely, with the power of their votes they will democratically topple such governments.

          2) By carefully reading my commentary its apparent that the proposed four-pronged strategy intended to tackle illegal immigration, relies on the implementation of the rule of law and the protection of the universal rights of ALL THE PEOPLE residing in Greece (B&D).

          3) There’re very important distinctions between legal immigrants and undocumented immigrants (MFs). The first ones, are respecting and abiding by the immigration laws of the land, wait in line for years, compete on a level playing field to gain employment, pay taxes, pay for the medical services they receive, pay for the schools their kids attend, while the latter ones don’t.

          If you have any more questions please don’t hesitate to ask.

          • 1) you wouldn’t be talking about motorbike gangs going around stabbing a sword through some poor guy on the pavement, or a gang of 25 cowards knifing some poor sod in the metro, or a bunch a scumbags crawling into somebodies hous in the middle of the night to beat them up, simply becasue they are foreign (Albanian, Pakistani and Egyptian as the 3 cases may be), would you. And that’s only some of many “heroic” actions carried out by you “neighbourhood watches”…
            2) Reading your commentry very carefully tells me you live in cloud cuckoo land somewhere nice and comfy in a cosy flat in downtown New York or chicage or so, and haven’t the foggiest idea of real life
            3) The rethorical distinction between documented and undocumented immigrants is totally besides the point, as is your own rethoric. You are dealing with people, like it or not, and you treat them as people.

            Your love for statistics, abbreviations, all things military and murderous tells me you make a perfect apparatchnik. Doesn’t matter what the apparat is, you will repeat at nauseum what you are told to repeat, and most definity not have a single thought for yourself. Becasue that would endanger the cocoon you live in, wouldn’t it?

          • Ephilant

            As I mentioned in my previous commentary, some people for a variety of reasons choose not to substantiate their claims but rather to berate the messenger of the truth and the facts.

      • giaoýrti giaoyrtáki

        Boston Tea Party: Jump into the ocean and swim back to Europe.
        How about deporting all Europeans back to Europe? How about brain surgery with jerks that build fences and call Indios illegal immigrants because they are the only illegal immigrants. And they are even worse: Instead of applying for asylum they murdered 90% of the American population.

  3. And not a single one to protect korynthos mayor ?


  4. “not yet” like in “Greece has not yet recovered from recession” ? 😉