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Greek Prosecutors in Action: Staging Protests Over Wages Cuts

Greek prosecutors will go in action and launch a series of protests as the governments plans wages cuts also in the so-called “special payrolls”. The Governing Council of the Association of Prosecutors in Greece, held an emergency meeting on Sunday and decided to stage dynamic actions to protest the upcoming wages cuts also for judicial officers, that will come together with the 11.5 billion euro austerity package.

They plan protest rallies on September 5th and 17th in Athens and Thessaloniki as well as simultaneous interruptions of meetings at courts and prosecutors’ offices during the protests.

Rallies are also organized by judges and court personnel, while members of military and police forces will launch a protest rally on September 6th, 2012.

PS At the end of the day – or better say: at the beginning of the measures package announcement-  I see whole Greece on the streets… I do not remember prosecutors to have launched protests before.

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  1. If one wants to file a complained because one thinks these actions by the prosecutors and judges are illegal, where could you file that complained? And who will decide if these actions are indeed illegal?
    Yes indeed, those same guys and girls. I rest my case, M’lord.

    • why to file a complaint?

      • Why not? Excessive damage or so? Not saying it is, but it might. Bit like air-traffic controllers? Only these judicial guys and girls will be judge and jury if one wanted to complain. They have the monopoly on justice. And justice should be blind. Well, it won’t be when it comes to their own income, won’t it?