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Supreme Court fires one judge, one prosecutor for massive delays in handling dozen of cases

The Disciplinary Plenum of Greece’s Supreme Court fired one judge and one public prosecutor for “inadequacy” in performing their duties, due to massive delays in issuing court rulings. The Plenum also temporarily suspended the presiding judge of a first-instance court for six months for unjustified absences from her post. Since …

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Judge questions prosecutor’s claims Golden Dawn convicts have “clean criminal records”

Τhe Appeals Court in Athens adjourned after a short session of Tuesday, after the presiding judge questioned the claim of state prosecutor that the Golden Dawn leadership had a “prior clean criminal records” and would therefore remain out of jail until the case is examined at second instance court. Judge …

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Justice Minister, CoS clash over wealth disclosure statements for judges

Justice Minister Stavros Kontonis and the President of the Council of State Nikolaos Sakellariou clashed on Sunday over the wealth statements of Greece’s judges who are supposed to disclose their assets. Recently the Council of State had frozen the Law requirement for judges to submit wealth statements. Kontonis attacked saying …

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War of Words between Greek Judiciary and Government escalates

The war of words between the Greek government and the judiciary escalated on Monday, when the president of the country’s highest administrative court, the Council of State, made a statement that was broadcast live on television. In his statement, the president of CoS, Nikos Sakellariou, spoke of a systematic government …

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Greece’s Supreme Court: Wages Cuts for Judges & Prosecutors Against Constitution

While the Greek Parliament claims the austerity measures are compatible with the Constitution, the country’s Supreme Administrative Court decided they were ‘unconstitutional’ – at least some of them. The pleanary of Supreme Court (Areios Pagos) unanimously  ruled that the new cuts in judges’ and prosecutors’ wages were against the Greek Constitution. Under …

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Greek Prosecutors in Action: Staging Protests Over Wages Cuts

Greek prosecutors will go in action and launch a series of protests as the governments plans wages cuts also in the so-called “special payrolls”. The Governing Council of the Association of Prosecutors in Greece, held an emergency meeting on Sunday and decided to stage dynamic actions to protest the upcoming wages …

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