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Supreme Court fires one judge, one prosecutor for massive delays in handling dozen of cases

The Disciplinary Plenum of Greece’s Supreme Court fired one judge and one public prosecutor for “inadequacy” in performing their duties, due to massive delays in issuing court rulings. The Plenum also temporarily suspended the presiding judge of a first-instance court for six months for unjustified absences from her post.

Since last December, a total of 15 judges and public prosecutors have been dismissed on similar grounds.

At the session on Friday, the 47-member Plenum considered the cases of six judges and public prosecutors. Next to the two dismissals and the temporary suspension, one case was acquitted, while two cases were postponed.

The public prosecutor who was permanently dismissed and also forbidden to work in another public-sector position was serving on the island of Corfu. The woman has amassed 3,010 outstanding cases.

During a research, the case files for 1,800 of these cases were found in her home, 324 were confiscated in the home of a friend and another 626 in the home of a second friend. Another 31 were found incorporated into other case files. 153 case files are still being missing.

She has been prosecuted for abuse of authority and removing public documents.

The president of a first-instance court in Athens president who had been initially given a grace period of 3.5 months to clear her backlog but failed. She still had 282 outstanding cases, of which 49 were from the past, while there were continuing complaints of delays. She was given the option to work in the public sector.

A third public prosecutor was referred to the disciplinary plenum over her sudden and unjustified absences from her post on an island in the Aegean and was suspended for six months.

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