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Pharmasists: 48h Strike (Nov26/27/12), Stop Prescription Medicine on Credit

A new round of troubles begin next week for Greek patients as pharmacists will stop giving prescription medicine on credit for those insured at EOPYY, the National Health Care Organization of Greece.

Pharmacists will start their actions with a 48-hour strike on Monday and Tuesday,  26-27 November 2012.

They protest the delay in payments of outstanding debts by EOPYY and the mandatory discount 5% (rebate) that will be imposed retroactive from 1.1.2012.

In a meeting on Wednesday, the board of Panhellenic Pharmacists Association decided to stop giving medicine on credit and thus on what it seems ‘indefinite basis’.

EOPYY insurers will have to pay prescription medicine from their own pockets and request refund from EOPYY in a bureaucratic and long lasting procedure. These protest actions hit especially the chronic-ill and  pensioners with low-income.

It is the fourth time within 2012, that pharmacists cut prescription medicine on credit.



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