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Greek Gov’t Considers to Outlaw Golden Dawn?

Greece’s political world seems to see the necessity to take action against extreme right-wing party Golden Dawn (Chrysi Avgi) after months of provocative and challenging actions by GD-MPs and party members. With some of these actions to be brought to justice.

Evangelos Venizelos, constitutional law professor and leader of coalition government partner PASOK publicly opened the discussion to this issue saying “When you’re confronted with an unconstitutional party, you must find ways to deal with this phenomenon.”

Venizelos hinted that he would take steps to eventually outlaw Golden Dawn, while according to media reports,  he is close cooperation with an informal committee of experts seeking ways to overturn the parliamentary presence of the Golden Dawn.

“We are facing a very acute phenomenon of racist, fascist, xenophobic violence. We have in parliament an unconstitutional, nazi-style, junta-friendly, provocative party, ” Venizelos said implying of the initiatives to be taken in the upcoming months.

A relevant question was posed to Minister of Public Order and Citizne Protection Nikos Dendias (Nea Dimocratia).

Speaking to private ANT1 TV, Dendias said “MPs of Golden Dawn have committed illegal actions on several occasions. […] I listen carefully to what Venizelos says, but I do not know if the current constitution gives us this opportunity.” (

Unconfirmed reports claim that Venizelos informed his government partners on his initiative during a recent party leaders meeting. Prime minister Antonis Samaras (ND) and junior coalition partner Fotis Kouvelis (Democratic Left), allegedly gave their consent, however stressing that such a proposal needed a very sound legal basis and to be properly instituted in order to come as complete proposal to the parliament.

The idea of outlaw Golden Dawn is not new even though it’s the first time a party leader officially took position on the issue.

Some professors of Constitutional Law say that banning GD as a party it will not prohibit its MPs from continuing to hold their seats in the parliament. “Outlaw a political party it’s rather difficult in democracies as one would have to ban all parties proclaiming or practicing violence. Moreover, GD-MPs could establish another party – as GD leader Nikos Michaloliakos already said reacting to Venizelos’ initiative.

Another Constitutional Law professor said also that it is constitutional impossible to outlaw a political party, but that MPs taking part in racist violence should be immediately treated as criminals.

The current Constitution has no provision to ban a political party, given the practices of modern Greek history that had banned Communist KKE after the civil war right after the WWII.

PS i do not know if they could ban the use of nazi- and junta-symbols though…

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  1. Why run before you can walk, or even crawl.
    There are many laws in Europe that could be copied almost verbatim to prohibit hate-speech, use of symbols, holocaust denial, selling of “Mein Kampf” and David Irving trash, and lots of other things that would take the fuel out of the GD engine with immediate effect. Out of all nations, Germany has got some seriously effective laws. For once, do copy something they do.This could be done by tomorrow.
    I would suspect that Venizelos is much more interested in the political change he might get from being seen “to do something” rather than actually doing something.
    Or maybe he will find a solution in a year or two, somewhere in the back of his desk, on a memory stick…

  2. The cowards that want to destroy GD are terrorfied. Typical reaction.

    • GD will inevitably destroy itself, like all the others that came before them. It is however a good idea to prevent them from taken most of the country down with them. That part Venizelos has got right. I hope I am very wrong about his motivation and will to what he says he wants to do. It would make a really nice change for once, have a politician do something because it does need to be done rather than because he can make political hay from it.

  3. Multiculturalism and democracy does not go hand in hand. Multiculturalism being an ideology based on ignorance, hate, racism and lies, does not do well in an fair competition with opposing forces. The people does not want multiculturalism, they do not want racial laws that discriminate against native whites, they do not want to be forced to leave their homes due to mass-immigration is turning their home town into a war zone. They do not like political correctness and corruption.

    To sum up. Banning Golden dawn would be the worst thing they could do.

    1. It would confirm that they are indeed anti-democratic and corrupt, not allowing the Greek people to decided who to vote for.

    2. It would confirm that indeed Golden dawn was the only opposing party, since all other banded togheter to ban it.

    3. A hate goverment banning a already popular party like Golden dawn will hugely increase its popularity combined that with the fact that Golden dawn is a party of soldiers, ex-soldiers, and police men and women. And you got the potential for an insurgency. If the people cannot vote, what other route do they have but violence?

  4. Well, he touched a point. GD is whatever you nice people want. But they are a big part of Greece, not just a little neo nazi group, as in other countries. Live with that, you can’t illegalize a big percentage of your population. Al that nationalistic mumbo jumbo, the proud helenes, the xenos, etc, now have a party. The greek ortodox church, your official religion, is silent, if not open suportive. ND doesn’ want childs with diferent colour to be greek. So,,. are you kidding?