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Kallithea: Egyptian street vendor latest victim of racist attack

The latest racist attack occurred in the middle of the day in a crowded open market with the badly beaten victim to be hospitalized. The incident occurred in the open market of Kallithea, a suburb of south Athens. An Egyptian street vendor was beaten, while a probably the same perpetrators had robbed a Pakistani vendor on the same market, a bit earlier. 

According to media reports, six men wearing black arrived on three motorcycles at 12 noon at the market. They went directly to an Egyptian vendor who had a stand selling fish.

Without a reason, they started to furiously beat him in the face and the body. Covered with blood , the young man collapsed on the asphalt street. The six perpetrators got on their motorcycles and disappeared from the scene in high speed.

Acording to another media source, the men were wearing signs of extreme -right-wing party Golden Dawn (Chrysi Avgi).

The injured street vendor from Egypt was trasnferred to the hospital with an ambulance.

The racist attack occurred in the middle of the day in front of the astonished eyes of dozens of vendors and hundreds of people doing their weekly shopping.

PS I can understand that vendors and people, the majority of them seniors, were scared to intervene and mess with the bullies, but that nobody grabbed his mobile to call the police is a puzzle to me.



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  1. “but that nobody grabbed his mobile to call the police is a puzzle to me.”

    >> Because they fear retaliation, and maybe, they fear police, also.
    It’s disgusting to see barbarism of the 21th century run wild in broad daylight.

  2. “but that nobody grabbed his mobile to call the police is a puzzle to me.”…. perhaps because the story as reported is not true one bit.

    “Acording to another media source, the men were wearing signs of extreme -right-wing party Golden Dawn (Chrysi Avgi).” If that’s what you call a “media source” of veracity it’s no wonder Greece has the problems it does. I wonder who’s bankrolling you KTG?????

    • link goes to media source: friendly advice to internet newbies.

    • I wonder who’s bankrolling you KTG?????

      So does KTG.
      But who is bankrolling you guys in Chrysi Avgi? That is a much more important question that needs answering. And links?

      • the one who answers this question will earn a forever seat im parliament.

      • BTW: can you imagine a greek gd using the word ‘bankrolling’? she didn’t even knew who Kanelli was when beaten while on live tv. must be a golden egg form canada, usa or australia.

  3. Why call the police?
    People know that calling the police is completely useless.
    The police is too busy on abusing, threaten and beat other citizens.
    They do not have time for such things.

  4. KTG and others. I’m no fan of Golden Dawn and their supporters. But, to me this seems more like a Mafia style attack over owed money?? Could it be that the Mafia types could use the Golden Dawn style shirts etc as a cover to do their money collecting for debts?

    Also, on a side note, now that winter is coming, what will Golden Dawn people wear as short sleeve black shirts will be a bit cold. Do these guys have a winter uniform?

    • black shirts with long sleeves

      • you now, they should come out and condemn the attack and say it wasn’t us. so simple.

        • Or maybe they don’t mind since it was Immigrants attacked? Who is worse for Golden Dawn? A Greek criminal robbing the illegal immigrant, or the Illegal immigrant. That would be an interesting question for them to answer.

          • Rethorical question, GD is not going to condemn Greek criminals, that is like asking trukeys to vote for Xmas…

          • Turkeys even 🙂

          • The denial is interesting. It is a constant theme it seems. I think it was with Hitler’s Nazis too. Even at the end when the allies were approaching they got busy trying to destroy evidence. I remember reading about some new arrivals for the gas chambers that were treated well for a bit (at least comparatively, were even allowed to wash with soap and water and stuff) when an international body came
            to see if the rumours of people being badly treated were true. When it left they were gassed. I don’t know why these deniers for the GD do this. Do they really believe it isn’t the GD or do they just think people are real dumb and will beleive it or is it just a silencing technique. I think people around the world are getting more aware of this.

            I have one question, why aren’t the other Europeans trying to help with this growing facist problem?

            I feel sorry not just for the guy who was beaten but anyone who ended up seeing this violence and got traumatized by it. I’m sure many must have been shaken. If they are too scared to call the police (and why wouldn’t they be if the cop getting their call might be a GD member and will give them a lesson). Greece must really be slipping if violent stuff like this can happen in public places.

          • It is not denial. These people are psychopaths who truely believe they are superior to anybody, and therefor have the right to do whatever they feel like doing to prove that perceived superiority. Their whole world vision is based on dominance and subservience
            And how better to prove your perceived superiority than to show somebody else up as “inferior”. In their common neanderthal mindset, superiority and inferiority are decided by brute, mindless and cowardly violence. 50 against one, 30-something with military training against a woman old enough to be his mother, etc. They will make sure that the odds are always stacked in their favour before they strike, which is why they will always pick on the defenceless and the weak. The fact that they prove absolutely nothing other than that they are mindless bullies doesn’t even cross their minds.

  5. They seem to me a bunch of bullies picking on us immigrants. I wish Greek people to read pastor Martin Niemöller’s “first they came” hierarchy to see that it only starts with immigrants and proceeds on

  6. I’ve been reading “The Anatomy of Fascism” by the American academic Robert O. Paxton written in 2004 which details the life cycle of fascist movements in the early 20th century. The disturbing thing is the earlier chapters about Italy between 1918-1921, and Germany in 1920-1933 remind me of where Greece is now, and where other European nations such as Spain seem to be heading. For fascism to thrive there has to be a feeling of humiliation imposed upon an entire nation by outside forces, that leads to a intellectually simple but emotionally complex ideology of “might is right” nationalism, becoming prevalent.

    The Golden Dawn also remind me of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt and Hezbollah in Lebanon. Both of those organizations got their initial support after founding by supplying social welfare and charity to those who the state failed to supply it to, and indeed their welfare and services programs are what accounts for their popularity in those countries. similar systems of political patronage are prevalent across the developing world from Iraq to Kenya to Papua New Guinea though one could answer this is just a more basic equivalent of the PASOK/ND system of “join the party and we’ll give you a public sector job” that many a Western commentator talks about occurring in pre-crash Greece.

    • also in Turkey, moderate islamists gained power because they provided to people the social welfare the state was failing. but all these systems end up in a powerful state apparatus.

  7. This so called group called should be called the Black&White Bullies…….they are men (boys) hiding behind teeshirts as far as I am concerned……put them in the special forces (British SAS) to see how long they would last as far as the training goes…not even 5 minutes they would be calling for their mums to bring them food ansd someone to get them out of there!!!!!!
    I am a mother of four and I feel that most of these boys when spoken to away from the group, would not be the same, theyve just got in with the wrong crowd, deep down they are trying to make a point and most of us understand that, as I am “for” the youngsters, as this world aint a great place to be in for them at the moment, but choose a better way of showing their anger…this is no answer, and it will only just fill up the prisons, that are now overrun with people who shouldnt be there…..there is no solution, look at the youngsters elsewhere in Europe and the Middle East…….I am so glad that my son has passed his “hard” days although he was never ever cruel to someone else but just very very hyper…!!!!!

    • Their leader, that Michalass guy, hasn’t seem to have improved any from his hard days. He looks so much like the principal I had in my elementary school. However, Mr. M. was a real nice and peaceful person.

  8. like in ireland these young people look at their position and blame US
    we elected these greedy bastards and we have to share the blame
    they have destroyed a lot a lives
    most of the people in their 40’s have little hope of ever working again
    the implications are there for all to see
    poverty for all those unfortunate families into the future
    my message GET OUT OF EUROPE for the sake of your families and their future
    its their time to make progress and we need to prioritise the young peoples futures