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CCTV captures brutal racist attack against Pakistani national in Athens

A brutal racists attack with a group of young people against a 36-year-old man from Pakistan took place in Peristeri suburb of West Athens on Sunday night. The victim said, the attackers, some 10 people,  approached him and started to beat him for no reason. According to his complaint to …

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Crete: kicks and punches against Pakistani workers

Kicks and punches were the answer of two animal breeders to their workers when they refused to return to work. According to local, the five Pakistani migrants refused to work because of their religious holiday but also due to outstanding wages. The father and the son beat the workers, …

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Larissa: Racist attack against Pakistani mini market

A racist attack against a Pakistani mini market in Larissa occurred on Thursday night. Holding bats and shouting racist slogans a group of 15-20 people attacked the mini market. The owner is of Pakistan origin and the place is also used by his countrymen to hang out. One Pakistani was slightly injured and was …

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