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Tinos: Riot police uses force against locals protesting wind turbines

Riot police moved against residents of the island of Tinos protesting against the installation of windmills in Prasa area of the island in the Aegean Sea..

Police forcibly repelled the protesters, among them some elderly.

The protesters gathered on Wednesday morning in an effort to prevent the continuation of the installation of wind turbines.

Protesters denounce that they were attacked by police, suffered extensive use of violence and were pushed and beaten even after they had withdrawn from the area.

Locals point out that the giant wind turbines that will be installed near two villages of exceptional beauty, Kardiani and Hysternia, will alter the natural landscape. Other effects such as the noise that will be produced disturbing both the wildlife and the area residents have not been taken into account.

The island has been cut into two as the road connecting the capital of Tinos with bigger villages has been blocked in order to facilitate the smooth passage of the turbines.

Furthermore, protesters denounced that the company installing the wind turbines has encroached on public lands.

Police has reportedly detained four protesters.

pictures via tinosagainstwindturbines

PS When it comes to protect business interests, apparently, social distancing is not a rule to be observed. Maybe some government official believes that the coronavirus cannot be transmitted when there is a “higher cause.”

Officials are correct to say that we gradually return to normality and our Greek normality obviously includes the intervention of police forces against protesting citizens or migrants.

Or even against Cretans “looking like Pakistanis!”

A native of Crete denounced to local media candiadoc that he was beaten by police who thought he was a …”Pakistani”

The father of three minors was beaten and abused by police on a motorcyle and the police station in Ammoudara, by Heraklio, practically for no reason.

He had left his work in a farm plot and was driving his motorbike home when police shouted at him “Pakistani, move on the side.” The moment he stopped and was taking off his helmet, one of the policemen punched him. He was pushed ot the ground, was handcuffed and taken to police station of Maleviziou. There was against beaten abused.

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  1. Part of our Troika commitments is to pay, pay and pay again for German “green” technology which has tripled our electrical costs, enriched german businesses but hey, Greece is saving the planet. Naturally the police must enforce that at all costs, what else.

  2. Eine Demokratie ist ein Land, wo das Volk etwas zu sagen hat!
    Dort wo das Geld regiert, ist keine Demokratie möglich!