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Athens: Protest against racism & fascism after Pakistani man stabbed to death

With central slogan “Athens, anti-fa city” members of migrants’ communities, students organisations, municipality unions and people from art and culture gather in central Athens on Saturday to protest the rising phenomena of violence against migrants.

The mass protest is supported by several migrants and human rights organizations and city councils of Athens suburbs like Elliniko-Argyroupolis, nea Ionia, neo Irakleio, Korydallos, Petroupoli, Tayros-Moschato and others.

Banner: “Neo-Nazis out”

The rally against “racism and fascism” is being organized by the movement “United against Raciscm and Fascist Threat” and will end with a big concert starting at 4 p.m. ast Syntagma Square. .

sahdjat lukman

Sahdjat Lukman

The protest occurs just two days after the attack against Pakistani migrant who was stabbed to death by two Greeks in Petralona suburb of Athens.  Sahdjat Lukman, 27, was stabbed he was going to work riding on a bicycle. He had come to Greece six years ago and was holder of a provisional residence permit. Police arrested the two perpetrators just hours after the attack, with one of them being a firefighter. In the home of one of the suspects, police found leaflets of extreme-right Chrysi Avgi (Golden Dawn), a party elected to the Greek Parliament last June, a party with a clear anti-migrants policies which often turn violent.

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Before Saturday’s rally started, members of the Pakistani community in Athens took the coffin of Lukman to Kotzia square where they held a funeral ceremony and pray. The community members seek to raise donations in order to have the coffin transported to Pakistan and Lukman buried in his village.

Protester: Red Card to Fascism

Human rights organizations recorded 70 violent attacks against migrants in the period from January to September 2012.

Anti-fa protests are been organized also in other Greek cities, while solidarity rallies will be held also in European cities.

more protest pictures & videos: newsit, zougla, & others

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  1. disgusting that a parliamentry party would be connected with such a disgusting crime
    golden dawn would be the same as the infamous irish republican party who were responsible for a lot of similar crime
    be careful you do not enter into a situation like we did for the best part of 30 years
    ou do not deserve scum like that

  2. giaourti giaourtaki

    Kalimera, found somethang: Looks like X.A. tries to open up it’s 1st branch in the Reich in Nuerenberg – reminds me of an anti-X.A.-demo of 2-300 New Yorker Greeks in Astoria… In one of the comments to this article about a Cologne “hooligan-style”-solidarity rally with Greek anarchists one can find a link to X.A. (btw: there are a lot of soli-actions all other the world! and comrades salute to the re-occupation

  3. KTG, what is the number again to report a racist incident? I saw it (i thought) on your site, but can’t find it now? Also, can you report people being mean to Roma or is this just for immigrants?

    • tel number to report racist motivated attacks to Greek police is <11414>.
      I am sure Roma is included too .

      • ok, thanks–is it only for attacks, or is it for discrimination, rude treatment etc. Like the tourist police when you call when you encounter rude people etc. So, if someone is rude to a Roma, immigrant etc, or is verbally racist? Or just for attacks, wasn’t clear on that?

        • keeptalkinggreece

          well… I have to check again.

        • keeptalkinggreece

          rude behaviour is something that even Greeks experience. I wouldn’t call it ‘racism motivated attack’… would you?

          • I think that would depend, now wouldn’t it. As a foreigner in Greece, I can tell you numerous times when I’ve observed Greeks treating Greeks decently and foreigners getting the rude treatment. I know the tourist police do handle issues like that as I’ve reported a few in the past at tourist attractions.

            So, I would assume if an immigrant is treated rudely, or discriminated, then that is a racist (verbal) attack, but that’s only based on my knowledge of the subject.