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Employees at Greek gov’t partner PASOK unpaid for 10 months

Angry employees at Socialist PASOK, Samaras’ coalition government partner, issued a statement demanding their outstanding wages of almost one year. 78 out of some hundreds PASOK employees across the country say that they have not be paid for ten months,  and that for 2012, they have received no more of 500 euro in form of Christmas, Easter and vacation bonuses.

“We would like to say to the ‘old’ party officials asking our understanding, to think that they and their families are full. To their question where the money for our wages to come from, we have the answer: SELL THE VILLAS AND THE YACHTS YOU OWN!!!!!” PASOK employees statement

Unpaid PASOK employees say further that they were ‘trapped’ in labour terms as the party does not dismiss them so that they can live at least on unemployment allowance – currently 360 euro per month.

With banks to have sealed off the channels of loans to Greek political parties, PASOK debts to three Greek banks are allegedly 113,800, 000 euro.

The situation in Samaras’ Nea Dimocratia is not much different with 120 million euro debts in banks.

PS If governement partners do not pay their employees, can you imagine what’s going on in the free and wild market, where the morals seem to be that employees should work without getting paid?




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