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Greece’s politicians to order 6 tugboats for the Navy: worth €22 million, V.A.T. excluded

Greece has apparently overcome the crisis and now development, growth and supplies are under way. Therefore a committee consisting of the Finance Minister and several representatives of government and opposition parties will be established with the aim to organize the construction and the purchase of six tugboats for the Greek Navy. No wonder the committee will consist of eleven (11) people then the total amount they will have to approve is juicy 22 million euro, Value Added Tax excluded.

According to defence news website, that quoted the relevant government decision, even the members of the Navy were stunned as they were not informed about the upcoming purchase.

The need for the construction of new tugboats was on the agenda before the economic crisis in 2009 but as the Greek Navy suffered serious budget cuts the issue was literally ‘removed’ from the plans.

“Nobody can say with certainty why the purchase program has been revived.

Some wonder whether Samaras’ coalition government wants to give work to Skaramangas or Elefsina shipyards or to both.

The money is expected to come largely from ESPA-programs (EU funding).” (

Nevertheless, the decision was jointly signed by Finance Minister Stournaras, Defence Minister Panagiotopoulos and deputy Development Minister Skordas.

PS For those wondering: the money continues to flow to the pockets of ‘friends’ and subsidize private businesses interests with taxpayers money. Samaras’ Nea Dimocratia governs applying PASOK’s social policies. Yesss!


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  1. 22 million for 6 tugboats???? Do they come with oars or sails? You wouldn’t buy the engines (main starboard, main port side, bow and stern thrusters and winches) for 1 proper tug with that money…
    Who is off loading their junk on greece? Does Uncle Sam have a few old tugs surplus to requirements, like they had a few hundred scrapped Abrams tanks and people carriers a while ago?