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Arson attack against gov’t spokesman’s brother sparks ND-SYRIZA dispute

Who will be the next target of arsonists? this must be the question puzzling officers of Greek police after  barrage of self-made gas bombs exploding outside the homes of journalists, government party officers and banks ATMs. The latest target was the brother of government spokesman Simon Kedikoglou.

athens arson attacks

Short before midnight on Saturday, unknown assailants broke with a sledgehammer the entrance of  Grigoris  Kedikoglou house and threw molotov cocktails. Kedikoglou, his wife and their three-year old child were in their apartment when the attack occurred. Nobody was injured.

The family resides in a three-storey building in Strefi’s Hill in central Athens.

Arson attacks

According to Greek media, in the early morning hours of Sunday, arsonists put molotov cocktail bombs also at the offices of Samaras’ Nea Dimocratia in Dafni, and at the ATMs of two banks in Vyrona, suburbs of Athens. The previous night, explosive devices went off at ND offices in Glyfada, Argyroupoli and Kypseli, while there was an attempt to cause damage at banks ATM. Also bricks were thrown at the offices of PASOK in Glyfada.

A night earlier, homemade bombs had exploded outside the home sof five well-known journalists. An unknown organization claimed responsibility for the attacks against the journalists.

The attacks sparked a dispute between Nea Dimocratia and main opposition SYRIZA, with Samaras’s party accusing Tsipras’ left-wing for not condemning strong enough such incidents.


After the firebombing against his brother, government spokesman Simos Kedikoglou has clashed with SYRIZA over the past few days over accusations that the leftists are not doing enough to condemn politically related violence.

“The whole of the political world must condemn unreservedly and without exceptions the attempt to spread violence in our society,” said the government spokesman in a statement on Sunday. “Democracy cannot be terrorized.”

SYRIZA has accused the government of trying to create a “civil war-type climate” by accusing the leftists of being linked to such attacks in order to draw the public’s attention from austerity measures and the Lagarde list scandal. (ekathimerini)

In the early morning hours of Sunday, unknown attackers threw stones at the offices of SYRIZA in Neo Iraklio, suburb of Athens. It was the third attack within a couple of weeks, SYRIZA said.

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