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Greece’s self-employed to receive “unemployment” allowance

Labor Minister Yiannis Vroutsis announced on Thursday that self-employed who have closed their businesses due to crisis will start receiving “unemployment” allowance as of 1. March 2013.

The allowance will be 360 euro per month and will be given for a period of time of 3 up to 9 months maximum.

The allowance will be given to those registered at insurance funds OAEE, Unified Fund of Independent self-employed (lawyers, engineers etc) and ETAP-MME (media).

Entitled to the allowance are those who:

1) who closed their businesses after 1.1.2012

2) had paid social contributions for 3 years.

3) had  income up to 30,000 euro for the years 2011 and 2012 (it’s not clear if 30,000 refers to annual income…)

4) and have no outstanding debts to social insurance funds.

Allowance regulations are expected to be taken also for those who closed their businesses before 2012.

Some 50 million euro will be allocated to 20,000 beneficiaries in 2013.

Associations of self-employed claim that contributions worth 90 million euro had been collected for this purpose but they were spent for the payment of pensions.

According to Labor Minister, the provision will be included in the multi-bill to be submitted to the Greek Parliament until the end of the month. (source)

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  1. 4) and have no outstanding debts to social insurance funds. ….. most people that have closed are more than likely to owe money to the bottomless pit which is TEBE – 360 euro for 3 – 9 months is an insult to those that have been working 13yrs+ paying TEBE (like me). I think we can all assume there will be no pension for us in the future. Tebe, must be one of the most illogical systems for self employed people. Nothing is calculated on what you actually earn! Therefore my 2 monthly TEBE is 1200 euro (I owe money) and there is no way I can pay that – so we continue down that road … until someone realises that contribution have to mimic the way the market is!

  2. Closer and closer to collapse we go.
    The parasites have overwhelmed the producers.