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Dynan-Hospital and Red Cross president arrested for owing insurance funds 6.6 million euro

Andreas Martinis, ex president of private hospital “Errikos Dynan” and former president of Greek Red Cross has been arrested on Thursday morning for owing Greece’s biggest insurance fund IKA, 6.6 million euro in employees contributions. Martinis was arrested inside the hospital and is expected to appear before the prosecutor in the afternoon, according to and other Greek media.

Andreas Martinis, 72, also former president of Greek Red Cross Foundation and the state hospital with the same name, resigned form his post at Errikos Dynan hospital last December. However he was still active as vice-president.

“He was practically forced to resign as the hospital was under heavy economic problems with employees to have been unpaid for several months. Martinis was replaced after negotiations under the table.

Odd enough, the Ministry of Health had given the green light for the sale of Dynan hospital issuing a taxation clearance.

The total debts to IKA is 6,677,408.11 euro.

The once very powerful man in the Greek health sector, Martinis was reportedly more than stunned to see handcuffs around his wrists.”(iatropedia)

Andreas Martinis resigned from the president’s post of Greek Red Cross on 24. October 2011, officially due to cuts of state funding.

“The president of the Hellenic Red Cross, Andreas Martinis, resigned his post at the cash-strapped organization on Monday.

“I reached this decision after a lot of thought as I can no longer help the organization and the people who have supported me,” he said.

The jobs of some 550 employees are at risk after the government stopped the 12 million euros in annual funding the Hellenic Red Cross was receiving.” (ekathimerini)

However, last February, he signed as RC president a joint protocol between the Greek Foreign Ministry, the Greek Red Cross and the Italian Majors who had offred support to recession- and austerity-hit Greek people.

There have been a lot of confirmed and unconfirmed stories, allegations and claims in the Greek press, websites and blogs about Andreas Martinis who was the president of Greek Red Cross for more than two decades. Allegedly a man who started poor but ended up with exquisite taste and life style and useful connections the political world of this country. It is up to justice to find out what is true and what is not.

And if Martinis has the money to pay his outstanding debts to IKA.

PS nevertheless I can’t help myself from wondering whether the current Greek government is really determined to clear house or is just smoke in the eyes, when new austerity measures and new taxes are to be imposed. Because, even if authorities rposecute and arrest big debtors, the state revenues do not increase from debts collection.

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  1. i hope he gets his just desserts
    people like this deserve nothing else than a long jail term
    they have no thought for their employees and give no thought to the damage they have done

    • agree with the above poster – also he should be made to sell and give up everything to cover the money owed …… and I mean EVERYTHING! Someone who owes us 40,000 has bee put in prison for owing 470,000 in tax and he’s pleased he’ll do his time and that will be it – he won’t pay them (or us) back as he has nothing of value or anything in his name!