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Greek Coast Guard shoots at grazing goats (video)

Dressed in his official coast guard uniform and standing on the boat bow, the “big boy” lifts his weapon and starts shooting six times at goats grazing on the remote side of an island. In shear panic the goats are running to escape the deafening sound and the deadly bullets. The big boys on the coastal guard boat enjoy the spectacle with laughs and stupid comments. 

 Video: “goat war 2”

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Dialogue translation:

Male voice: “You can’t get an elephant in half meter.”

Sniper: “I do not see the f….., where did it go?”

Male voice: “Come, come, come.”

Sniper: “Nothing left. Six bullets were inside. ”

Male voice: “Mitsos, get some more. Down, down, it’s open. ”

Female voice: “my little bird, , not at the stones, at the goats.”

Sniper: “The weapon is slanting, can you understand this gun?”

No goat seems to have suffered any harm.

The video footage was uploaded on YouTube on January 19th 2013 with the title “Goat War 2“.

The commander of the 4th Regional Coast Guard Command, based in Volos, ordered an internal administrative inquiry to investigate and enforce disciplinary and legal punishment.

The findings will be forwarded to the ministry and the Navy court.

Officers who examined the footage but also a second one showing four men inside the boat believe that the incident took place in summer of 2010, while the coast patrol seems to belong to the port authorities of Skopelos, one of the Sporades island group in West Greece.

According to ETHNOS daily, “the incident will  investigated in depth, since apart from the illegality of the action, it insults the image of the Coast Guard.”

The managing body of the National Marine Park has expressed its strong displeasure.

“It looks like silly children playing a game that does not honor the Coast Guard. It’s a pity because it concerns a honoured and  well-trained to which we have an excellent cooperation. The example set by these children is bad. Imagine a policeman to shoot at stray dogs in the street,” the chairman of NMP, St. Paraskevopoulos told Ethnos daily.

Alonisos major stressed that ‘the footage causes grief to the whole local community,” however he underlined that the incident was not caused by the local coast guard as the community does not recognized the persons involved and that Alonisos had not coast guard boat.

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