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Woman, 80: pension €150, electricity debt €200, no power 6 months… in Athens

An 80-year-old granny have lived for 6 months without electricity when Greek Public Power Company (DEH) cut the power to her home due to an outstanding debt of 200 euro. Her pension is just 150 euro, the woman told reporters of the civic movement “I don’t pay” and an activists group that illegally re-connected the power.  An elderly living in modern Middle Ages in Patissia district of Athens, an area considered to be almost downtown.

Underlining that with her thin income she was unable to pay her debt to PPC, the woman explained how she lived in her one-bedroom home for a long period of time: No fridge, no heating, no shower, no light at night.

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“We are back in the Middle Ages, I am ashamed to be Greek,” the woman told the camera crew.

In outrage are also her neighbors who try to help her whenever and whatever they can.

“she has been getting her meals at the soup kitchen of the local church,” a neighbor said expressing her outrage that no state official takes cares of elderly citizens.

The 80-year old has spent many hours of the cold winter days seeking shelter at the shop of a neighbor, a migrant.

“She comes here often, cooks maybe a meal on the camping gas or has with us a cup of tea,” the shop owner said in broken Greek.

Every day, desperate people form long queues at the PPC branches trying to make an arrangement and pay their debts.

“They come desperate mood and beg,because they can’t pay the 40% of the debt needed for the arrangement,” a PPC employee told magazine

According to CEO of Greek Public Power Company, 30,000 households and shops have electricity supply cut due to debts every month.

Electricity bills skyrocketed since last year, when the Finance Ministry added the the several hundred-euro “emergency property tax” to the bills already containing extra fees and other property taxes with the effect that low and impoverished middle-classes cannot pay them anymore.



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