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Civil servants imprisoned for murder still get their salaries – in Greece, where else?

They are more than two years in prison  and they still receive their salaries from the Greek state.  In December 2010, municipality employees S.S., 50, and I.M. 51, were sentenced to life imprisonment and 17 years in jail respectively  for having murdered in cold blood the mayor of Paggaios in Kavala, a year earlier.

The two, cashiers at Paggaios municipality, confessed their act.

After their conviction the administrative council imposed the penalty of ‘permanent pause’ from duty, which translates into dismissal. The two exercised their right to appeal the decision. Untilthe case is examined on second degree, the two keep receiving 50% of their salary as provided by the Code of Municipal Employees.

On 29. December 2009, mayor Triantafyllos Koukoudis, 50, was found with a bullet in his head and tied feet in the storage space of his own car. He was missing for a couple of days. His murderers were caught a day later. the three were allegedly involved in a 700,000-euro hole in the municipality cash registers.

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  1. That is disgusting, you do a crime you pay the penalty, no wages.

  2. And there is, of course now a huge outcry of anger in the country? Questions are asked in parliament to revoke this travesty immediately? Hours on hours of heated discussions on ‘news-shows’ about all the other totally crazy rules and regulations, the thousands of other horrific cases that suddenly come to light. This is surely the beginning of Catharsis?!