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Greek Communist Party (KKE) changes leadership after 22 years

After two decades, Greek Communist Party (KKE) changed its leadership.  during the 19th congress the party’s cental committee announced the new leader: Dimitris Koutsoumpas. The new leader replaces Aleka Papariga who was holding the chair of general secretary for 22 years.

Dimitris Koutsoumpas, 58 is an economist and descent of a family with deep communist roots.

Aleka Papariga, 68, will hold the position of the leader of the Parliament group of KKE.

Koutsoumpas is considered as hardliner who opposes cooperation with other left political parties.

KKE leaders

Koutsoumpas – Papariga

Critics expect there might be a withdrawal of KKE members who want the party to modernize and proceed to political cooperation.

Aleka Papariga has been vehemently opposing cooperation with main rival left-wing SYRIZA.

However as general secretary she did not manage to take advantage of the deep economic and social crisis of the country and help KKE  gain support.




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