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Manolada: all 3 foremen involved in strawberry-workers shooting arrested

Greek police arrested the three foremen suspected of shooting at immigrant workers demanding outstanding wages. Two of the suspects,  27 and 39 years old, were arrested at a lawyers’ office in Amaliada on Friday morning, just hours after the youngest suspect, 21, was arrested while on the street of the city.

The three foremen are suspected to have shot with rifles at a group of strawberry fields workers, injuring at least 28 people, mainly from Bangladesh and Pakistan. The immigrant workers were demanding outstanding wages of six months.

Video: short after the shooting -injured migrants trying to help each other

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Local police,  the headquarters in Athens and the department against racist violence investigate whether the three were involved in other racist attacks.

At least one of them, the 27-year-old, is awaiting trial for injuring an Egyptian worker last August.

The three foremen will face charges to felony offenses, while the strawberry field owner will face charges for e inciting attempted murder and violation of the Aliens Law.

Immigrants will not be deported

On Thursday, local media reported that four of the injured workers would be deported, as they had no legal documents.

On Friday, Minister for Public Order Nikos Dendias announced all the immigrant workers involved in the incident would be protected from deportation.


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  1. Well,since they won’t be deported,anyone will be able to abuse them (or even shoot them)again. Is that what people want?Really?You put so many illegal migrants under some maniac employers’ noses…and you expect them to not exploit them?Oh please.

    First of all,everyone started caring about them when they got shooted.As if they didn’t exist before.Ok,now you can claim that you’re saints people…

    In my humble opinion what happened was malicious,at least to say,but if you want useless drama like this to end once and for real, stop playing with people’s nerves. They were illegal. They commited no moral crime,but they shouldn’t even be there.This is minor in comparinson with what happened,but we live in a country where this problem seem unbeatable. Patience has its limits,we’re humans NO saints…you can’t blame ONLY those who can’t control their hatred anymore.

    The 3 formen should be treated just like all the other criminals. The workers who have not legal documents(either they’re injured or not) should be deported. AND LAST BUT NOT LEAST the guy who offered them job(knowing that they were illegal)under such conditions should be punished,too.

    Justice is for everyone.

    • Well, I hope for every ones sake that you will never get a position were you have any influence.
      And if you do or have, then I’m extremely sad for Greece.

      Hearing your ranting here…. The word asshole comes to mind.