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Athens: African communities dismiss UK’s Channel 4 claims of “Black Panthers” in Greece

African communities in Athens dismiss claims that appeared on a report aired by British Channel 4 that ‘there were patrol brigades named Black Panthers for the self-defense of immigrants against racist attacks by extreme-right Golden Dawn.” According to news website NewsIt, after the Channel 4 report, the Ministry of Public …

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Channel 4: Immigrants’ brigades Black Panthers warn Golden Dawn

Increasingly exposed to racist attacks, immigrants in Athens have allegedly organized themselves to fight back and defend themselves. They have reportedly set up their own brigades and patrol in the streets of Athens mostly at night.  They call themselves “Black Panthers”, a name adopted from the Afro-American movement of USA …

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Two Pakistanis Stabbed After Asked About Their Nationality

A  -what it seems to be a – racist attack took place on Saturday night in Attica, when two Pakistanis were stabbed, while walking on the street. According to Ethnos, the Pakistanis were attacked after they were asked their nationality. Citing police information and testimonies from the victims, Ethnos writes: “The …

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Patras: 8 Policemen Injured after Chrysi Avgi Supporters Attack

Hand-to-hand fighting. Scenes of incredible ferocity as supporters of Chrysi Avgi attacked policemen with rafters, iron sticks, stones and fire bombs in Patras on Tuesday night. Unprecedented was the incident in which one protester stole a police motorcycle and fled to unknown direction. Video: stealing police motorcycle embedded by Embedded VideoYouTube Direkt According to local news …

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General Census for Greeks & Foreigners, May 10-24, 2011

A general census for humans living in Greece will take place May 10-24, 2011. An army of 55,000 enumerators will go on the streets, knock on doors and ask questions about age, occupation, education, employment. Furthermore there will be questions about the home,  like energy sources, water, heating, insulation, waste …

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Athens:Far-rights attack migrant street vendors before the Parade (video)

It was shortly before 11 o’ clock, just minutes before the beginning of the military parade, when members of far-right group Chrysi Avgi (Golden Dawn) chanting racist slogans attacked according to one source street vendors selling Greek flags, according to another source immigrants who were passing by. A third source seems to …

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