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Economic impasse and health problems turn Greek granny into a …robber

How much courage does a decent citizen need to cross the line and through over board the code of law? Apparently, a citizen needs lots of courage, significant shortfalls and a huge portion of despair. Financial shortage and health problems were the motives for a  70-year-old granny to turn into a robber.

Armed with a kitchen knife and wearing a blond wig and a black carnival mask, the woman walked into a clothes store in Xylokastro, Northern Peloponnese, on Wednesday morning.

With trembling voice, she demanded 500 euro. She threatened the owner and his parents waving the knife. Some passersby who noticed the incident intervened. Within seconds they manage to immobilize the …robber and call the police.

When the saviors pulled off the mask, they were astonished to see, the aspiring robber was an elderly woman. And thus someone who was about to faint.

The police arrived to arrest her. However the woman landed into hospital rather than the police station.

Citing an officer from Corinth Police Department, daily “Dimokratia” reported:

“The hospital informed the police that the woman had hear problems and furthermore serious financial shortfalls. she said, she was desperate and in a terrible impasse.”

How many citizens suffer in despair and silence in Greece of loan agreements and income cuts?

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