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Granny Maritsa, symbol of Lesvos refugee compassion, passes away at 89

Maritsa Mavropoulou does not live on the island of Lesvos anymore. One of the three grannies, who became symbol of the Greek compassion and kindness with refugees, passed away at the age of 89. It was October 2015, when the picture of the three elderly Greek women feeding a refugee …

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Granny arrested for throwing fire works at neighbor’s house

Police arrested a 73-year-old granny after she threw a fire work in the wrong direction. The woman threw a fire work not in the air but into the house of one neighbor thus setting a fire. Police was quick and arrested the woman a little later. She was arrested at …

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Economic impasse and health problems turn Greek granny into a …robber

How much courage does a decent citizen need to cross the line and through over board the code of law? Apparently, a citizen needs lots of courage, significant shortfalls and a huge portion of despair. Financial shortage and health problems were the motives for a  70-year-old granny to turn into a robber. Armed …

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Granny knew about Cyprus bank deposit levy …in advance

A grandmother, resident of Paphos in Cyrpus, had recently developed a habit: every Friday, she would go to a bank branch and withdraw all her savings. On Monday, she would bring it back. After this happened on several weekends, the bank employees could not resist and asked the granny why she …

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