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117-year-old Greek granny inoculated so that she can hug her children again

The oldest Greek, a granny of 117 years old, received the vaccine against the Covid-19 on Wednesday just to be able to hug her children again. Mrs Eleftheria is a resident at a care home for elderly in Nea Ionia suburb of western Athens.

Visits by family members have been banned since months due to the pandemic. With the vaccination Mrs Eleftheria has increased her chances to hug her family again.

Vaccination of care home residents and staff is of high priority for the Greek government and takes place parallel to the jabs for health workers.

Vaccination is not mandatory, yet Mrs Eleftheria wanted to receive it because she had a purpose.

The doctor of the facility considered that the health condition of the 117-year-old granny allowed her to be vaccinated as she wished.

The vaccination took place without any problem, including any side effect.

The granny is now reportedly waiting for another 20 days in order to receive the second dose of the vaccine that will allow her to meet her children again without any risk.

Mrs Eleftheria was born on 12. April 1903 on the island of Lefkada.

According to the Guinness Book of World Records, the oldest woman in the world is only 3 months older than her and lives in Japan.

Vaccinations of elderly living in home continues. By the end of the week, more than 4,500 people in 75 facilities are reportedly expected to have been vaccinated.

It is particularly hard for elderly people to not be able to meet with their families due to the pandemic and the lockdown restrictions. Either because they live in care homes or in different regional units from their children.

But equally hard it is also for their children who cannot see them. A friend was telling me the other day, that these lockdown restrictions “steal the time he could spend with his father” who is almost 90 years old.

*thumbnail picture

Thumbnail picture shows granny Eleftheria together with deputy Labor Minister Domna Michailidou who visited the care home. It is not clear whether it was taken during an older visit.

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  1. Irresponsible hype reporting.
    Just long as it is accepted that protection comes 3 weeks AFTER the second vacc booster.

  2. You have to be careful with this. The vaccine does not give total immunity but partial immunity especially after just one dose. My research suggests only c50% immunity after first Pfizer dose and only 90% after second. Research I’ve seen suggests those with just one dose should still behave as if they hadn’t had the vaccine until they get the second one.

    You can also transmit the virus even if you have been vaccinated because it can stay in your nasal regions even if it is not actually affected the rest of your body after vaccination.

    Hence the continued need for face masks, hand washing and distancing until large numbers have been vaccinated.