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82-year-old granny arrested and fined €200 for selling greens without license

Greek police has arrested an 82-year-old granny for selling greens without a vendor’s license at the open market in Katerini, West Macedonia. The woman was fined with 200 euros, for selling six kilos of wild greens she had collected from the fields. Total value of the “goods sold illegally” was the astronomic amount of …5 to 6 or even 7 euros!

Granny Parthena via local media eptanews.

Police received a denouncement probably by some vendor at the open market.

Officers arrested the granny and took her to police station and the prosecutor.

She was fined with 200 euros for selling the greens without license and for not having a “health certificate.”

documents via

The arrest took place in March 2018 and the granny had thought that her adventure with authorities was over. Wrong! Last week, she received a writ telling her to appear in court on 7. June 2019. She will be tried for the absence of the health certificate.


It was her son Anastasios who posted on social media about the granny’s summoned to court. He told local media eptanews that he asked her not to pay the fine of 200 euros. “We come up for our duties and don’t leave them to our children,” was the disarming respond by granny Parthena. Son Anastasios said further that his mother plant to go to court and thus without lawyer considering that the right is on her side and hoping that logic and morals will prevail the law.

The granny was selling the greens in order to help her family financially and send some money to her grandchildren doing their military service.

According to kosmospierias, Together with Parthena, to more grannies were arrested on the same day last year, for selling eggs and greens without license.

It is the second episode of the the serial “criminal grannies get arrested by police for illegally selling goods of little value,” so to say.

Last month, a 90-year-old granny was arrested for selling without vendor’s license handmade bootees for 2 euros. The case triggered an outrage in Greek society and so did the granny in Katerini.

Police reportedly justifies its actions saying that it has to intervene when it receives a denouncement. The Law makes no age distinction or exemption for those over 80 years old, police says.

PS And so Greece stroke another blow to tax evaders where the real big scale tax evaders are still wandering around among us.

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  1. I would like to know where in the so-called West is it that “logic and morals” prevail today in the law? Certainly not in Brussels, Washington or London. This is one more case that shows that the police in Greece have either very little to do or have their priorities totally mixed up. Which is it?

  2. Which is not fair, it can’t be a law !

  3. The people who do this to that lady are probably very proud concerning their actions.
    They should be fired.

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