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90-year-old granny evicted, spent 2 days on the streets unwilling to abandon her dog

A 90-year-old granny was evicted from a home in Agios Dimitrios suburb of south Athens due to unpaid rent. She landed on the streets together with her grandson and her little dog, wearing only her robe. The three spent two days on the street, because the lady did not want to abandon her dog and move to a dormitory.

The debt amounted 1,200 euros for four months. The 25-year-old son was unable to find a job due to the pandemic and when he found a day work, the wage was incredibly low.

The family had to make ends meet with the just 290 euros the old lady has been receiving as pension,. No wonder they could not pay the rent of 300 euros.

One day, a bailiff appeared at their home, he locked them out, did not allow them to take even their belongings. The old lady left her home wearing just her house robe.

Granny and grandson found themselves without a roof over their heads for the first time in their lives. The elderly woman has been taking care of her grandson since he was 4 years old.

Neighbors alerted the Municipality social services, they on their part turned to Doctors of the World and asked them if the evicted could stay the charity’s dormitory.dormitory “, says to the director of Doctors of the World, Eugenia Thanou.

The old lady was not allowed to take anything form her home.

But the two did not want to abandon their little dog.

“When we told them that the dog could not be accommodated in the dormitory, they told us that they would not go anywhere without the animal. They preferred to spend two days on the street with the dog, until we found a hostel for the animal. When we told them that the dog would be hosted in a hostel, then they agreed to come to the Doctors of the World dormitory,” director of Doctors of the World, Eugenia Thanou told newspaper ethnos.

“Grandmother and grandson are very close to each other. The grandmother is sad for the grandson and the grandson is anxious for the grandmother ” Thanou stressed.

The grandson is already trying to get a job, the NGO will start seeking for a new home for the 80-year-old granny and her grandson.

If you want to help the old lady you can donate at National Bank of Greece, account GR27 0110 1410 0000  1412 9611 217  Reason:  “Support of elderly woman”«Στήριξη Ηλικιωμένης» (just copy paste the Greek phrase)

It looks as if such cases have started to increase due to the economic impact of the pandemic.

“It is sad is that such incidents are starting to take on alarming proportions”, said Nikitas Kanakis from Doctors of the World.

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  1. If the son enlisted in the army, he would get clothes, food and money to help mum and son. Maybe not the best solution but better than what they have now.

  2. shameful on behalf of the owner…a litte understanding in such difficult times. but then again what to expect…when you see rents have sky rocketed,who earns 2-3 euros is beyond me, 30 sq for 5-600 euros,are greeks serious? we are all not chinese!

  3. Why don’t such shelters accept animals so that people are not forced to be separated from another ‘family member’ when they have already lost everything else?

  4. Sorry for them. But they must have some other relatives. Couldn,t they have offer some help? Ok we don,t know their story, but a bit weird that none in their family would react.

    • The fact that he is her grandson shows that his parents are not in the picture – possibly dead, indigent, or some other reason they are not involved.

      • The article mentions that she has a son who is unemployed and what little work he can find is “day work” which does not pay very well. I wouldn’t conclude that he is out of the picture. However, I’m also assuming that the son mentioned is the father of her grandson.

  5. Thank you for posting this information about this unfortunate family and, especially, for providing the banking information. While things are not much better here in Canada, I am fortunate to have a job that allows me to have a steady income and to be able to provide for others.

    Please bring more such cases to our attention.