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Granny Susanna fined €200 for selling her handmade bootees without license

90-year-old Suzanna Iliadi was fined 200 euros for selling her handmade bootees without a vendor’s license in Thessaloniki. The amount is much to high for the woman who receives no pension. Despite the public outcry over her arrest last week, authorities most probably thought to create an example and also fill the empty state cash registers with banknotes.  They can not sleep without nightmares as they have saved bankrupt Greece….

Last week, Suzanna was arrested for having laid ten pairs of handmade bootees and seven scarfs in front of garbage bins on the pavement in Ambelokipoi suburb of the city in northern Greece. She was selling them to passerby for 2-3 euros to buy bread for her and her husband.

She was arrested for not having a vendor’s license and no invoices.

Police officers took the woman to police station and registered her fingerprints as if she was a common criminal. The woman who suffers from diabetes, had to spent twelve hours at the station, before she was released with the prosecutor’s verbal order.

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Her daughter, Judy, filmed the arrest and made the case public. An outrage broke out in the society about the police behavior and authorities that exhausted the strictness of the law towards a fragile and vulnerable woman.

Police ordered an internal investigation but only for allowing filming at the police station.

I have no idea whether there are blind and heartless aliens living in Ambelokipoi, but the fine is disproportionately big in relation to the value of the items the granny was selling for 2-3 euros.

Together with her 90-year-old husband who has also health issues, granny Susanna lives on no regular income. The couple receives a housing benefit and some money her children in Russia send her occasionally.

Of course, the bootees and the scarfs were confiscated.

Now the granny would have to knit 1oo pairs of bootees in order to collect the 200 euros for the fine.

Oh wait! After the terrible adventure, the horrified Susanna said that she “will never sell bootees again.”

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  1. Will somebody, maybe her daughter, contact me and tell me how I can send her the money to pay the fine. I think she deserves better treatment.