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That’s the real Greek anti-austerity protests.

Head of EU Task Force, Horst Reichenbach, expressed his surprise about the fact that Greeks do not demonstrate against austerity. He described the Greeks’ reaction as “very moderate” apparently watching only a few hundreds fro civil servants union protesting outside the Parliament last Sunday. When lawmakers were voting a multi-bills with new austerity measures and regulations.

During an informal meeting with journalists Reichenbach reportedly said “the unions in Germany protest and get a 6% pay rise, therefore Greeks’ reactions are absolute moderate even though their income decreased at 50%.”

To tell you the truth I cannot tell what sort of protests Horst Reichenabch wanted to see on the streets of Athens. Clashes? Fires? Punches? Kicks?

What Reichenbach & Co will never understand is that Greeks chose a more silent way of protest: they don’t pay taxes, utilities, rents, wages, social contributions, they don’t travel and don’t make purchases… That’s more effective, isn’t it?

PS We’re still waiting the real progress report by EU Task Force on how it spends its days in Greece and what exactly it has achieved. Oh, and a real report about how much the 50-people team cost the EU taxpayer per year 🙂

On Monday,  the Commission΄s Task Force for Greece (TFGR) presented its fourth quarterly report on technical assistance for Greece, where it mainly “blessed its own beard” as we say here in Greece.

“The Task Force has made steady progress in assisting the Greek authorities, in a spirit of solidarity, to help implement a wide range of reforms agreed in the context of the economic adjustment programme for Greece and to maximise the use of EU Structural Funds. The assistance provided by the Taskforce builds on the commitment of the Greek authorities to implement these reforms, which are necessary to rebuild an economy that is conducive to growth and job creation, as set out in the Memorandum of Understanding with Greece.” (further EU-blahblah here)



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