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Tear gas against racist “Greeks only” food handout, GD lawmaker attacks Athens Mayor

The row between Mayor of Athens and extreme-right Golden Dawn ended in police firing tear gas at Syntagma square on Thursday morning and the mayor to denounce that he was attacked by a GD lawmaker. The extreme-right party has announced to organize a food handout for “Greeks only” in front of the Parliament three days before the Orthodox Easter. On Wednesday evening, Athens Mayor Giorgos Kaminis issued a statement describing the event as “hate meals” and refused to give them permission.

When a truck arrived at 8 am at Syntagma square and some dozens GD members attempted to set up stands at Syntagma Square, police made limited use of tear gas to prevent the action. Kaminis had called on he Minister of Public Order to enforce the law.  GD members clashed with police when it tried to prevent them. The use of tear gas seemed inevitable.

Video: GD members clash with police

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Greek police filed a lawsuit against three GD lawmakers for illegally occupying public place and other offenses.

GD lawmaker’s fists against Athens Mayor

The row did not end there as Athens mayor denounced that GD lawmaker Giorgos Germenis attacked him verbally and attempted also to get physical against Kaminis. The lawmaker reportedly moved with his fists against the mayor who escape the attack, however a 12-year-old girl standing next to the mayor was hit.

Germenis was removed by the security guards of the mayor.  Eye witnesses report also that GD MP was carrying a gun. Speaking to ProtoThema, Germenis dismissed Kaminis’ claims that a girl was hit or that he was carrying a gun.

Video: security guards/Germenis – “Put the weapon down” is heard

The incident took place near Larissis train station when the mayor visited the Charity premises of Athens Municipality. GD charity event was taking place 300 m away after police intervention at Syntagma.

Charity for Greeks only

GD members moved then to the party offices near Larissa train station and proceeded with the event.

According to Greek media, 15 tones of potatoes, meat and other food items are to be distributed to 3,500 families. As expected hundreds of people gathered to get the free food.

Last year, Golden Dawn held a similar event in Syntagma Square, where it asked to see people’s ID cards before giving them food to ensure that migrants did not receive any of the goods.

Giorgos Kaminis accused GD for events serving “political propaganda” and stressed that in cooperation with the Church, Athens Municipality offers 9,000 meals to the needy on a daily basis, and further 1,000 meals to schools.

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