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Labour Ministry: 33% of Greek pensioners get €360 gross, another 33% gets €675

for the first time since the country sought the ‘economic rescue’ by the IMF, Greek Labor Ministry published a full record of the number of pensioners and pensions distribution. The data has been collected for 93 social insurance funds. For the vast majority of Greece’s seniors the pension is very low, with 33.1% to receive 371.64 euro. Another 33% of pensioners receives an average of 675 euro gross per month. Only 700 people received more than 2,500 euro main pension. According to the ministry, the average retirement income derived from the aggregation of main and  supplementary pension and benefits doe snot exceed 907.65 euro, before taxes and deductions for healthcare.

The total number of pensioners is 2,714,034 people (stand: June 2013)

A total of 4,407,288 pensions were paid out, from them 2,884,347 were main and 1,517,411 were supplementary.

The total amount paid by the social insurance funds amounted to EUR 2,281,747,514,08.

29% of the total pensions are due to retirement according to age and the average is 1,224 euro gross per month.

Full list of pension distribution here

BTW: the usual mean Greek internet users do not believe that those earning 2,500E a month are just 700 people. But they are mean and critical as usual and suffer from a hyperactive memory: they claim that former PM and presidents earn much more, they claim some data is missing like for retired MPs who get pension after 2 legislative periods. but they are just mean and jealous…

PS I must live on the wrong planet or in another space oddity, as the majority of pensioners aged 80+ I know, they received no more than 650 euro, after 35-40 years of work. Of course, they get taxed. Of course, they have deductions for healthcare after the unification of funds to National Healthcare system EOPYY. Of course, they have to pay every month more and more money for in healthcare contributions. You think, they live outside Greece?


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