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Greece’s “Devils Week”: strikes, municipality workers, public servants, Schaeuble…

A devil’s week begins today for the Greek bipartisan coalition government, with the public sector in uproar, municipalities up in arms, the controversial multi-bill in the Parliament, a voting to prosecute former finance minister Papaconstantinou … Mayors have shut down the municipalities in protest and threaten with mass resignations if PM Samaras and deputy PM Venizelos proceed to lay-offs and labor reserve of municipality workers, including municipality policemen and school security guards.

Even thought the multi-bill has not been voted by the Parliament yet, teachers claim they have already started to receive phone calls announcing that they would dismissed from the public service. 2,500 people will be put on ‘labor reserve’ per phone call.

A second wave of ‘labor reserve’ is due in upcoming September.

The multi-bill contains provisions on taxes, civil servants lay-offs and hundred more provisions. Among them also one that excludes from taxes of all kinds all members of the Troika, the representatives of European Union – Task Force incl. -, International Monetary Fund and European Central Bank who live permanent in Greece. Yes, these ladies and gentlemen who have drained the last cent from the average Greek taxpayer.

The bill voting will most likely take place tomorrow, Tuesday.

Allegedly 6 MPs from Nea Dimocratia and PASOK have raised objections to the bill.

But be assured, the ministers in charge will persuade them of the necessity to “restructure the public sector in order to save the country.”

On Monday evening, the Parliament will vote whether former finance minister Giorgos Papaconstantinou will be prosecuted for his involvement in the Lagarde list, where he allegedly erased the names of his relatives from the list.

The government has thousands of issues to deal with and if all these were not enough, the German finance minister will visit Athens. On Thursday. Wolfgang Schaeuble will come with the plan to establish a Greek Investment Bank (headquarters in Luxembourg) financed by the German KfW and EU Funds.

The Greek side hopes, Schaeuble would not make any statement of the kind like “new haircut of Greek debt is out of question” or the usual crap. Then the government here lurks with the ‘haircut bait’ thousands and millions of little fish.

PS it’s bad time for the bill voting. Mercury is retrograde until July 20th….

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