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Municipality workers donate food for Greek FinMin’s needy mother

Potatoes, onions, rice, beans and fave beans, pasta, oil, vinegar, raki, rabbits, chicken and fresh eggs: baskets full of goodies. Collected by municipality workers  for the mother and mother-in-law of Greek Finance Minister Yiannis Stournaras. The protesting unionists had found an ironic way to respond to Stournaras who had claimed last week that his

“mother, mother- and father-in-law live on a 500-euro pension” and therefore he knew about the problems of Greek society in times of strict austerity, high taxation and income cuts.

The Greek police did not allow the protesters to come to Finance Ministry and leave their presents to the needy Stournaras’ family. However, the unionists left the goodies nearby for everyone to pick them up.


A couple of days after Storunaras made the epic and incredible statement, craftsmen from Heraklio, Crete had asked for food and clothes donations to sent to Stournaras mother.

A parcel with goodies like pasta, rice, rusks, oil, local specialties, two toilet papers rolls, a second hand coat and 13EUR in cash was sent to the Greek Finance Minister. Together with a letter with the locals’ complaints.

The reaction of Stounaras upon receiving the parcel has not become known. Neither, what happened to the food: donated to the poor -he might know by chance – or given to his needy family.

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