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Maria from Roma camp not on Interpol list of missing children

The young girl found living with a couple who are not her biological parents in a Roma camp in central Greece last week is not on Interpol’s list of missing children, the Greek Police told Skai on Tuesday.

The child, who is aged between 5 and 6 and has come to be known as “Maria,” is not on the international agency’s list of 610 missing children, DNA findings have confirmed.

The finding has led local authorities to believe that the most likely scenario is that Maria ended up at the Roma camp in Farsala, central Greece, following a crackdown on illegal adoptions in neighboring Bulgaria in the 2008-2010 period.

Now Greek police concentrates in locating a Bulgarian man who had allegedly gave new born Maria to the Roma couple, as the man and woman in custody claimed from the beginning.

The fake parents remanded custody for abducting a minor and for grabbing birth registration documents.

If the girl is not a missing child, does it mean that the charges have to be dropped? Possibly… However Greek authorities investigate if the couple was in involved in a child trafficking ring and illegal adoptions.

What is seems certain if that the man and the woman in custody were receiving child benefits for a number of non-existing children.

A question that rises is whether the police was not premature in publishing the fake parents’ pictures and thus before the Interpol confirmation that Maria’s DNA was not on the list of missing children.

At the same time Greek Police raided more Roma camps in Athens and in Corfu – but I cannot tell you what it was looking for.

The case that made headlines worldwide, has lead also to unbelievable incidents. In Dublin, Ireland, authorities removed the blond girl of a Roma family after a citizen raised concerns…

The action was taken yesterday after a member of the public raised concerns about the child living with the family in a house in a south Dublin suburb.

No arrests have been made and the family are not facing an allegation of abduction.

It is understood authorities want one week to carry out DNA tests to confirm the young girl’s identity and biological links to the Roma family (more here)

PS If we don’t keep calm, Pandora’s box may open. Hostile neighbors could express their concerns and call the police if blond parents have a dark-skinned child. Adoption? Was it legal? Wasn’t the child stolen? We all know that it takes several parts involved for illegal adoptions: the mother, the mediator, the future parents, lawyers, but often also hospital personnel. Especially in countries were adoptions laws and bureaucracy exhaust the future parents – like in Greece.

If illegal adoptions weren’t profitable, there wouldn’t be any.

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  1. Yiaourti Yiaourtaki

    610 missing children? I tell you in every major city of the “Third World” there are more missing. This list is pure “First World”-racism as this looks like that this Interpol isn’t real Interpol.
    But this racism goes far deeper, just like in the by reviews well received book of Kai Hensel about Greece, where there is a scene that is about Greek women with blond eyes, as if no Greek woman could have “natural” blond hair, the same case here: To think and publish that all Roma people are non-blonde.

  2. Yiaourti Yiaourtaki

    “Stolen child”? If someones dog would get kidnapped one wouldn’t call it stolen.