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Pulau Tiga: Boat of missing British sailor found off Preveza

No sign of two British nationals on board of sailboat “PULAU TIGA” that was found in the Ionian Sea between Preveza and the island of Paxoi. According to local website, the boat was found partly capsized by a Russian cargo ship and was towed to the port of Preveza last Friday.

pulau tiga preveza

On board of Pulau Tiga was UK national Mark Bamford, 67, and a crew member, also a Briton, 50. The identity of the crew member has not been revealed.

Citing port authority sources, the website reports that investigation did not show what exactly had happened, neither why the sailors did not send a danger signal. On board authorities found a pc hard drive and a mobile phone.

“There are a lot of questions about the sinking of the boat and the disappearance of the two men on board,” the website notes adding:

It is possible that the sailors came into rough weather conditions and could not deal with the situation, or that the boat was hit or it hit something, it overturned and the sailors had no time to react.

Interesting is that the rope was found wrapped in the propeller and that most likely this created a serious problem of boat mobilization board. and trying to liberate not succeed.

According to Preveza port authorities, more investigation is needed and all option were open.

Mark Bamford was planning to sail from Methoni in southern Greece to Syracuse in Sicily and he was expected to make landfall the last week of October. Mark was sailing with one other crew but no further details about the second man have been released.

The men were on a custom red and white 45ft trimaran called Pulau Tiga with SSR number SSR121689.

The relatives of the Mark Bamford have appealed for help. More details here

Italian and Greek authorities have searched waterside areas and Interpol have now been alerted. The British embassy in both countries have also been advised.

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PS from Methoni in south Peloponnese to Syracuse found near Preveza?




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