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Troika postpones meeting with Minister of Administrative Reform over lay-offs in public sector

The meeting between the Troika and the Minister of  Administrative Reform was postponed in what it looks as ‘disagreement on the lay-offs issues’. The meeting was scheduled for Monday morning, but it was cancelled by the Troika as the representatives of Greece’s lenders asked for “time credit” without giving further explanations, Greek media report. Media claim that the Troikans from EU, IMf and ECB wanted more time to make their own calculations.

In the agenda of the meeting was the new wave of mobility involving 12,500 employees in 2014. The lay-offs will affect personnel at municipalities, the health care system and public institutions.

” Thorn ” in the negotiations remains the obligation for 4,000 layoffs from the Greek public sector until the end of 2013.

The Greek side was to discuss the issue of 4,000 contract employees who remain in their positions until their cases are decided in the courts of Greece.

Alternatively, the leadership of the Ministry of Administrative Reform proposed to Troika the dismissal of 1,370 doctors from National Health Care system (EOPYY) in the context of “restructuring the health sector,” which will delete the positions of several specialist doctors.

At the negotiations table was also the dismissal of 1,000 people from the countries defense industries.

PS so glad to see the close cooperation between the Ministers of Administrative Reform and Health. Really. Honestly. I suppose, the austerity deletes also specific diseases so that specialists are not more needed.



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